All trip schedules native Chicago Ohare International, United states to Punta Cana International, Dominican Republic. This route is activate by 3 airline(s), and the leave time is 09:14. The distance is 1993 miles.

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United Airlines flight schedule from Chicago Ohare International come Punta Cana International

All weekly departures with United Airlines.

Chicago Ohare worldwide ORD

Chicago Ohare global (ORD) is the biggest airport in unified States. You have the right to fly to 262 destinations with 49 airline in booked passenger traffic.

discover all destinations indigenous ORD

Punta Cana global PUJ

Punta Cana global (PUJ) is the second largest airplane in Dominican Republic. You can fly come 59 destinations through 35 airlines in booked passenger traffic.

explore all destinations native PUJ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long does a flight from Stockholm to Doha take, which airport is the busiest and to i beg your pardon terminal will certainly I arrive? below you can discover answers come our most asked questions.

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from Chicago you will certainly fly out from Chicago Ohare global (ORD) and you will certainly be landing at Punta Cana international (PUJ).

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