On tonight’s episode of Chicago PD season 3, Burgess find herself in one impossible instance when Roman is shot and wounded by a hooded man who opened up fire on their patrol car. After a chase, burgess shoots who she thought to it is in the suspect, however ends up being an unarmed, 17 year old honor student. Keep reading to find out what taken place tonight on Chicago PD 2016 and also if friend missed critical week’s episode, capture up on Chicago PD season 3 right here

Tonight’s illustration of Chicago PD season 3 started off with Burgess and Roman talking in their patrol car around how an excellent their night was. Every one of a sudden, a hooded man comes up on Roman’s next of the car and also shoots him through the window! burgess runs after the suspect and when that doesn’t protect against running, she shoots and also when she it s okay to him, he claims that the didn’t perform anything.

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When Voight and the team acquire there, she tells them what happened and she tells them everything that happened. Lindsay asks her if she had eyes on him the totality time and she tells him that the just time she shed sight was once he rotate the corner. The suspect that burgess shot was a 17 year old young named Michael Ellis and him and also Roman are both in surgery. Voight tells her that she requirements to compose her statement and also when she is excellent he sends her right into his office come memorize the word for word.

Platt comes up to tell Voight the the district attorney is there and Voight asks who they got, his surname is Peter Stone, he is the very same DA that sent Voight come prison. He speak Voight that he needs all complaint reports top top both Burgess and Roman and tells Voight that they will be running a parallel, however independent investigation. Voight speak him the this was a clean shoot.

Meanwhile, Halstead and Lindsay space interviewing Ellis’ parental who space at Med wait on word about their son. As soon as the DA’s investigators go in to talk to Ellis, he speak them the he saw the shooter duck right into a building and also heard burgess yelling therefore he started running and that’s when he was shot. Earlier at the DA’s office, they space going over their evidence and also they don’t have actually much. Over there is no gun, no eye witnesses other than Burgess and also the gun shoot residue test came back inconclusive because of the water he fell into.

Stone goes come tell Voight that they don’t have sufficient to accuse Ellis, however he adds that someone will be charged, they just don’t understand who. Citizen is referred to as in and when she it s okay there, Platt reads she a perform of orders and also is told the she is rely from all police duties if the examination is gift performed. The DAs office is questioning among Ellis’ co-workers and also he speak them the Ellis was acting all agitated and also he began going on about how CPD cops were out of control.

Meanwhile, Voight gets a call around a guy who resides in the structure near wherein the shoot happened. He installed a camera in his home window pointing down to the alley because his automobile was damaged into and the video clip shows Ellis running from Burgess and he to be holding a gun till he fell into the puddle and also the gun flew the end of his hand and also into the harbor. The dive team later discovered it in the water and the DA’s office announced that after their investigation and review of every evidence, they are all set to accuse Ellis top top charges because that the attempted killing of Roman and also Burgess.

Burgess, Lindsay and Roman are all sit in Roman’s apartment and also Burgess is quiet trying to convince herself the she gained the appropriate guy. Roman inn tells her the she saved the lives of every cop the end there. There is a whole in the investigation, they don’t have a motive. Then, the DA is dubbed in by your investigators and they uncover the footage of Burgess and Roman in their automobile when citizen put her hand top top his neck in a romantic way. The DA brings burgess in come ask her just how long she has been screwing her partner and if she reacted v her head or she crotch as soon as she shot Ellis.

During the investigation, they found a stainless steal Beretta in the water and in a photograph they discovered on Ellis’ ex-girlfriend’s Intsagram page, Ellis is holding a comparable gun. Throughout trial, the defense attorney presents a doctored copy of the video clip taken indigenous the residence apartment to present the jury how easily video clip can be manipulated. The referee is no happy about this and also orders the jury to ignore what they saw, yet you can’t simply unsee something like that and the defense attorney to know that.

While questioning citizen on the stand, the defense attorney bring up her relationship with Roman and also then asks citizen what the doubt was wearing. She tells she a dark hoodie, jeans and also white Nike shoes and also the defense attorney tells her that a many urban teens wear clothes like that and also Burgess speak her that it’s because it makes it harder because that them to it is in identified. As stone is talking to Atwater in the hallway, among the investigators comes and tells them the they think they uncovered motive!

Apparently, 6 years ago Ellis’ aunt’s live-in boyfriend, a guy named Duan Motley, was arrested and also beaten by police in the same exact area that roman was shot and Ellis had actually visited the area 16 times in the last four years. Later, stone asks Platt, that was the desk Sargent the night the Motley’s arrest and when she is asked around what sort of cop the arresting officer was, she told rock that the cop to be a little bit of a racist.

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During the arrest the Motley, he resisted and caused the arresting officer come hit his head and slip into a coma that he hasn’t wake up up from. Motley killed himself in prison the night before Roman was shot. Ellis to be upset that his girlfriend damaged up with him for not being challenging enough, Motley, that he thought about his uncle, killed himself and he witnessed the patrol vehicle sitting there and he wanted to prove the he was hard enough. That’s why the shot in ~ Roman and Burgess.

The defense attorney offered the DA a deal, four years with a charge of battery v a fire arm and also he would certainly serve it as a juvenile. The only means the DA is going to enable this transaction is if Roman and also Burgess authorize off ~ above it and neither the them are happy about it in ~ all. Burgess leaves the decision up to Roman since he was the one who was shot and he responds with, “we’re all sleeping in our very own beds tonight, permit the city sleep too.”

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