a method of organizing a device or organization so that no part of it can exert undue affect over the rather parts


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fairness, justice, impartiality, egalitarianism, equal opportunity, parity, equity, equilibrium, evenness, symmetry, equipoise, correspondence, uniformity, equality, equivalence, similarity, levelness, parallelism, comparability

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Two colleagues space talking ...

Colleague 1: have actually you checked out the near-impossible-to-produce design that the style team just passed come the production department?

Colleague 2: that is crazy, right? The cost of making such a design is going to be exceptionally high and also then when monitoring sees the results, they will certainly kick is ago to the design team because that revision and the whole process will repeat.

Colleague 1: possibly it is time because that the firm to academy a series of checks and balances such the there would be a procedure whereby the manufacturing team can limit the architecture specifications to some degree prior to excessive resources are invested in a project?

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The American political device ...

By developing three branches of government, the delegates constructed a "check and balance" system into the Constitution. This system was built so that no one branch that our federal government could become too powerful. Each branch is restrained by the various other two in number of ways.

For example, the president may veto a regulation passed through Congress. Congress have the right to override the veto v a vote of two-thirds that both houses. One more example is that the can be fried Court may check Congress by advertising a law unconstitutional. The strength is well balanced by the truth that members of the supreme Court are appointed through the president. Those appointments have to be approved by Congress.

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checks and balances - Examples:

1) The idea of checks and balances is the most main and most important facet of our Constitution.

2) end the lengthy haul, we will certainly need new checks and balances for newly raised transparency -- Wikileaks shouldn't have the ability to operate as a regulation ...

3) very developed pets have arisen a complicated system that checks and balances for immune regulation in order to maintain self tolerance while allowing immune responses to foreign ...

4) There space checks and balances within this system. Us do have actually processes in place where we deserve to appeal decisions.

5) Our solution of checks and balances was drawn up in full awareness that the principle that absolute power corrupts absolutely and ...

6) ... And also that would be a system with much better checks and balances -- imposed by the market, not by regulators.

7) The American co-founder did this through decentralizing power. They constructed checks and balances come frustrate and also detain the famous will. They likewise dispersed strength to encourage active ...

8) ... Feeling completely justified in keeping their motives or thinking secret. Without any type of checks and balances, authority numbers can easily come to be unmoored and drift indigenous reality.

9) even if you think that, foreign-based slaughterhouses sell no checks and balances to ensure the health of meat lock produce, making the system simply as difficult ...

10) It's clever to collection up a complicated system that checks and balances - but any kind of system developed by human being can it is in exploited and also misused by people.

11) permitting private issuers come solicit the basic public when not having actually checks and balances in ar is a cooking recipes for much more scandals.

12) ... Different the strength of government into three branches, and then to incorporate checks and balances ~ above those strength to assure that nobody branch the government obtained supremacy.

13) ... Non-profit organization, together the budget sponsor. The budget sponsor is the checks and balances eight of our agency that enables us to receive tax-deductible contributions.

14) Our federal government is collection up together a device of checks and balances draft to limit the strength of one individual.

15) The team you put together can provide checks and balances on each other. Ask among them to offer as quarterback, coordinating the ...

16) ~ above earth, friend must have a mechanism that has countless checks and balances or friend will end up through a system that is really demonic.

17) ... To deteriorate what us stand for. We've currently implemented brand-new checks and balances to protect against the same situation happening again.

18) Through consistent program evaluations, jae won reviews, and also a solid system that checks and balances, the company maintains a high level the integrity, transparency, and also programmatic strength.

19) the is why it is vital for democracies to have checks and balances to stop a dictatorship the the majority.

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20) ... Was based on was the idea the pluralism -- that dispersed power, checks and balances, were essential to building a democratic republic.