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Average direct flight time1 hr 39 minsCheapest direct return flight$125Flights per week261Airlines the fly direct
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American Airlines, United, CommutAir, Mesa Airlines, Copa, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air and PSA airlines all paris non-stop come Lafayette.
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About Lafayette

Cheap flights to Lafayette plane (LFT) land 2 miles south east of downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, in ~ terminals that are directly available from Highway 90 and Route 182. Lafayette was called \"Happiest City in America\" in a Harvard study, and also it's straightforward to recognize why v the abundant supply that restaurants, galleries, music, shopping and tasks at the college of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Facilities in ~ Lafayette airplane

Flights come Lafayette airplane (LFT) room serviced by three significant carriers: American, Delta and United. Airplane amenities incorporate a organization Center and free Wi-Fi. If friend need assist navigating the plane after your flights to Lafayette airplane (LFT) land, the visitant Information center will advise you concerning anything from ground transport to restaurants, hotels and also parking. Passenger can likewise check through the visitor Information facility if one-of-a-kind accommodations space needed.

Rental car are easily accessible from Alamo, Budget, Hertz, National and Enterprise. Other companies giving ground transport for travelers are Acadiana Courier, Courtesy Taxi Transportation, Limousines LTD, running Eagle Concierge and also Shofa Taxi. If you take it a taxi from the airport come downtown Lafayette, your fare have to be much less than $10.

Things come do near Lafayette plane

Booking cheap flights to Lafayette plane (LFT) helps you make room in your spending plan to endure the ideal attractions in the city. A popular task in Lafayette is the Cajun Food Tour, a bus tourism that teaches about the history and culture of the area and also the Acadian and Cajun world with to chat stories; follow me the way, the tour makes six stops at regional restaurants come sample the cuisine. Come explore much more Acadian history, head come the Acadian Village, which features revived buildings and also tour guides. Family members will enjoy the Lafayette science Museum and also Planetarium's countless interactive exhibits about biology, technology and astronomy.

You may want to walk shopping at Parc Lafayette, i m sorry is located in a French-style building amid fountains and statues. Girlfriend will uncover clothing, jewelry and also eclectic kitchen items as well as an enticing dessert lounge. Sans Souci Gallery, house of the Louisiana Crafts Guild, functions the work of plenty of fine artisans. The people Market offers imported prizes of art, clothing, ceramics and jewelry.

Travel Tips for Lafayette Airport

In the spring and also fall, the city master Downtown Alive! This biannual event features a complimentary concert series as well together food and also beverages because that purchase. Performers range from Grammy compensation winners to regional talent performing category that variety from Swamp pop to Indie Rock. Festival global de Louisiane, an annual spring music festival in Lafayette, functions artists who reflect neighborhood and regional culture. You deserve to sample Acadiana bowl rich through African, French and also Spanish influences. Regional cuisine varieties from alligator and also gumbo come stuffed grilled cheese, catfish and sweet potato biscuits. An mean meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will price $50.

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Weather in Lafayette is frequently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer months v high humidity and averages in the 40s and also 50s throughout winter. Early spring and also fall check out temperatures in the 70s.