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Average straight flight time1 hr 35 minsCheapest straight return flight$154Flights every week387Airlines that fly direct
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American Airlines, United, Delta, CommutAir, WestJet, undertaking Air, Piedmont airline As American Eagle and also Aeromexico every fly non-stop come Mobile Municipal Arpt.
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1 hr 35 mins

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American Airlines

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About cell phone Municipal Arpt

Mobile local Airport (MOB) sits much less than 20 minutes outside of downtown Mobile. In addition to serving travelers, that is the training center for the aviation department of the unified States coast Guard. Once you arrive in Mobile, you can start exploring the region's ideal attractions, such together Dauphin Street and also the historic Crescent Theater.

Facilities at Mobile regional Airport

Flights to Mobile Municipal airplane (MOB) will certainly arrive in ~ the airport's one terminal, i beg your pardon provides access to rental auto desks, restaurants and stores. After showing up on among the cheap flights come Mobile Municipal airplane (MOB), you can grab a sandwich, a coffee or a cold drink at one of the restaurants ~ above the terminal's very first floor. The second floor features two news kiosks. The airport additionally has its own art program and also displays artwork from neighborhood artists top top its walls. Other services obtainable on-site incorporate postal services and also ATMs.

The first floor the the terminal houses auto rental desks for Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Enterprise, National and also Dollar, and also you can likewise head across the street because that a budget plan rental car; the airport supplies a cost-free shuttle there. Yellow Cab and Allied Taxicabs sell trips indigenous the airport to downtown Mobile. The full cost of your pilgrimage will it is in $25 to $30. Several nearby hotels offer cost-free shuttle solutions for your guests.

Things to Do near Mobile local Airport

Flights to Mobile Municipal airport (MOB) will certainly let you check out historic sites choose the USS Alabama, which uses a self-guided tour of the battleship. Background buffs will also enjoy trips come the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, the Conde-Charlotte House and Battleship Memorial Park. The Mobile botanical Gardens, the mobile Carnival Museum and the Gulf shore Exploreum Science center are also worth a visit. Once you're in the mood for shopping, you'll find several malls in the city, including the Shoppes in ~ Bel Air, Springdale Mall and Legacy town at feather Hill.

When traveling because that work, you'll spend much of her time in the northeastern an ar of the city, i m sorry is its main business district. Located right turn off Interstate 10, the central business ar shares borders with the Georgia Avenue, Owens, Texas Street and also other neighborhoods.

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Travel Tips because that Mobile regional Airport

The best restaurants in mobile serve traditional Southern comfort foods like fried catfish, banana pudding, nation fried steak and shrimp through grits. While smaller sized diners let friend dine because that as little as $20, downtown cell phone restaurants are much more upscale and may fee $50 or much more for two people. Music lover often book cheap flights come Mobile Municipal airport (MOB) for the Hangout Music Festival, i m sorry takes place in May. This festival features food and live entertainment from few of the sexty bands. Because that a an ext family-friendly event, obtain tickets to the spring Fling Music festival. Nearby Montgomery hosts an yearly celebration the Hank Williams Senior. The SouthSounds Music and also Arts Festival, i beg your pardon takes place in April, is popular with those who love indie and alternate acts.