The incapability to remember just how Lincoln"s head shows up on a penny is many likely because of a faiattract in storage. retrieval. implicit memory. encoding.

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Cerebellum is to ________ memory as hippocampus is to ________ memory. short-term; irreversible explicit; implicit long-term; temporary implicit; explicit
Fill-in-the-empty test inquiries measure ________; equivalent ideas with their definitions actions ________. recognition; rediscovering recall; acknowledgment recall; relearning relearning; recall
The reasonably long-term and limitless storehome of the memory mechanism is dubbed ________ memory. sensory long-term state-dependent flashbulb
Sherry easily remembers the telephone reservation number for Holiday Inns by using the mnemonic 1-800-HOLIDAY. She is utilizing a memory help well-known as chunking. implicit memory. the peg-word device. the serial position effect.
After attfinishing group therapy sessions for adult survivors of childhood sex-related abuse, Karen erroneously remembered details from others" traumatic life stories as part of her own life background. This finest illustprices the threats of mood-congruent memory. implicit memory. resource amnesia. proenergetic interference.
After studying biology all afternoon, Alonzo is having actually challenge remembering details of the organic chemistry product that he memorized that morning. Alonzo"s difficulty finest illustrates proactive interference. the spacing impact. resource amnesia. retroactive interference.
After having checked out many pictures of the Lincoln Monument in the time of his lifetime, Mr. Adams mistakenly redubbed that he had actually actually went to the site. This ideal illustprices source amnesia. implicit memory. flashbulb memory. proactive interference.
Patients that have actually experienced brain damage may be unable to develop brand-new individual memories however are able to learn to execute jigobserved puzzles, without awareness of having actually learned them. This says that explicit memories are stored in the cerebellum, which must not have actually been damaged.the cerebellum should have been damaged, hindering implicit memory development.irreversible potentiation decreases our ability to save implicit memories. the system for developing explicit memory has actually been influenced, not the implicit memory mechanism.
By shrinking the hippocampus, prolonged stress and anxiety is the majority of likely to inhibit the procedure of permanent memory formation. repression. source misattribution. proactive interference.
A kind of encouraged forobtaining in which anxiety-aromaking use of memories are blocked from mindful awareness is recognized asthe spacing effect. retroenergetic interference. repression.proenergetic interference.
Memory aids that involve the use of vivid imagery and clever before methods of arranging material are referred to as business cues. flashbulb memories. semantic techniques. mnemonic gadgets.
The tendency for distributed study to yield better long-term retention than massed study is recognized as the spacing impact. chunking. state-dependent memory. the serial place impact. irreversible potentiation.
After looking up his friend"s phone number, Alex had the ability to remember it just lengthy enough to dial it properly. In this situation, the telephone number was plainly stored in his ________ memory. flashbulb echoic permanent short-term
On the telephone, Dominic rattles off a list of 10 grocery items for Kyoko to carry residence from the save. Immediately after hearing the list, Kyoko attempts to write down the items. She is most likely to forobtain the items at the beginning of the list. at the end of the list. in the middle of the list. at the beginning and also in the middle of the list.
Group 1 is asked to write dvery own the names of the seven dwarfs. Group 2 is asked to look at a list of feasible names of the dwarfs and also circle the correct seven. Why could Group 2 be even more likely to recontact even more names?Group 2"s list provides even more retrieval cues, making this acknowledgment task easier for them. Proactive interference is much less likely to influence childhood learning. Source amnesia might interfere via Group 1"s ability to recontact the names of the dwarfs. Implicit memories are much easier to respeak to than explicit memories are.
Some information in our fleeting ________ is encoded into short-term memory.semantic memory flashbulb memory irreversible memory sensory memory
To recognize the active indevelopment processing that occurs in short-term memory, researchers have characterized it as ________ memory. working repressed flashbulb iconic
Repeating someone"s name a number of times quickly after being presented to that perboy is an efficient strategy forautomatic handling. rehearsal. chunking. implicit memory.
Jamille percreates much better on international language vocabulary tests if she studies the material 15 minutes eexceptionally day for 8 days than if she crams for 2 hours the night prior to the test. This illustprices what is known aschunking. mood-congruent memory. the serial position effect. the spacing result.

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The finding that world who sleep after discovering a list of nonfeeling syllables forget less than people who remain awake gives proof that forgetting may involveinterference. repression. encoding faientice. implicit memory loss.

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