We came to be cat owners as a stray cat in the community needed a home, and every one of the cat shelters in our area offered dire services for the bad baby.We have a little house (875 square feet) and currently have 2 dogs). Anyway, this cat is exceptionally friendly, is no fazed by one of two people of the dogs, however does sometimes have actually a small poop clinging in his bottom that demands to it is in cleaned up.This has happened pretty regularly. He has actually left some stains on our bed and little pieces the poop ~ above the floor. I have actually taken him to an initial vet visit (he is obtaining neutered on respectable 3), and he was treated because that worms, nothing else.We room feeding that Blue Buffalo Blue indoor healthy cat and there don"t seem come be any kind of issues with eating (he loves his friskies cat treats, as carry out our dogs)!!I appreciate any help you might give me. Thank you.My thoughts: say thanks to you for adopting! If the vet states he"s healthy, then I"m wonder if he has a most hair in the gut that"s leading to this problem? This isn"t all that unusual in mine experience.One of mine cats, Frankie, had that trouble as well. She had longish hair, and also it would periodically prevent the poop indigenous coming every the method out.She would occasionally race from the box (as cats will do), and drop few of the poop on the floor. Various other times, she was fine, and yet other times, I"d have to hold her and pull the remaining poop the end of she butt.Not also pleasant, yet that"s what cat parents do. :)If that"s the case, talk to your vet around doing something about the hair in the gut, and also you"ll just have to watch him and do a "butt check."Also, if his poop is dry, he might be constipated and also that might be a trouble as well. Some of my readers have discovered that including a small amount of olive oil to your cat"s food has assisted in that, and most cats seem to like the taste.Another option is including some unspiced box pumpkin come the food, which you have the right to buy from Amazon.Getting your cat come drink an ext water and feeding wet food can help with the constipation together well. Most cats don"t drink a the majority of water, and also if you"re feeding dry food, the moisture content is too low. So that"s something come think about.If necessary, there are various other treatments for constipation and also too much hair in the gut the you deserve to explore.I hope that helps and also please update united state on his progress,-Kurt

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Oct 19, 2018 Rating
Huge chunk? by: kurt (Admin)
Anonymous with kitty with substantial chunk,If I had actually a cat with stool that was as well hard and too huge to pass, I would certainly seek medical attention for him right away.

Oct 19, 2018 Rating
poor kitty by: cotton This didn"t help my bad kitty has a large chunk trying to pass yet his target is too small - exactly how does the pass! that is what ns am do the efforts to discover out.

Jul 20, 2015 Rating
PoopyButty by: EugeniaRita ns agree through the cotton comment about cutting the hair around your kitty"s butt hole. I have a long haired cat too and also I"ve to be cutting his hair almost everywhere his body. As soon as it it s okay so long he looks choose a huge puff ball. And also he also has the poopy accidents just favor your kitty. But I"ve never cut the hair about his target hole reason it"s never ever been that lengthy there. Yet now that I"ve read about your problem and also the an answer you"ve gained I will certainly be trimming the hair there. Thanks to you and also all the responders that have brought this concern to my attention. Ain"t cats fun??? (smile)

Jul 16, 2015 Rating
Poopy Kitty by: elegant I have actually a Manx that sometimes has this problem. I learned that Manx room not only absent their tail however they space also lacking the "structure" for a tail that begins further increase the back. This also method that castle are lacking some the the muscle that control pooping.I additionally have a Ragdoll who has actually problems comparable to yours. Seems that they are prone to constipation.She has learned to be fairly calm and patient once I stick her rear finish in the sink to to wash her off. This appears to it is in the just solution together attempting come wipe the area simply makes an ext mess.Good luck. This is unpleasant for all involved. Most of all, thank you for rescuing this kitty!!!!

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Jul 15, 2015 Rating
poopy butt by: anonymous Trim the hair approximately his backside that"s what we do for our long hair cat.

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