Hello and welcome! This page is specialized to the Insanity cardio power and resistance workout. Here you will discover a full list of all the practice performed and also a finish description of every exercise. The intentionally of this page is to assist you decision whether or not the Insanity practice is ideal for you.

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Insanity Cardio Power and also Resistance practice #

The warm-up because that this exercise is slightly various than the vault two. It starts with jogging, proceeds with power jacks, log jumps, 1-2-3 heismans, target kicks, high knees and ends through vertical jumps. This is recurring a complete of 3 times, progressively quicker each time. As discussed in my other DVD descriptions, the warm-up is possibly the many important part of the actual workout together it helps to prevent injury during the rest of the workout by effectively warming up your muscles. Instantly following the warm-up is a collection of breathing exercises and stretches.

The cardio power and also resistance exercise list is a bit of a doozy, primarily focusing on the legs and also triceps. You will certainly be performing lots of jumps, so make sure you space landing lightly (a mat could be beneficial). The very first time i completed this workout ns could already feel myself becoming a little sluggish by the time I got to the hurdle jumps. Then came globe jumps which ns was already all too familiar with native the right test. I could only complete two rounds before I had actually to take a break. These jumps took whatever I had to give! also so, ns was emotion pretty good when i finished this workout. Just make sure you space paying fist to Shaun T – listen to the cues and listen come the safety tips. And most importantly of all, recognize your limits!

Exercise perform #

Power jumps – start from a squat position and also perform a upright jump. Use your main point to bring your knees approximately hip-height while you jump and bring your hands down to accomplish your knees.Belt kicks – v your hand on her hips, take it a step to the appropriate while kicking your left foot out in prior of you. Repeat v the best foot if stepping come the left.Hit the floor – in this exercise, you room jumping indigenous left to right, bending down and also touching the floor between your legs as you soil on every side. Make sure you are reaching high as you jump.V Push-ups – beginning in plank position, walk your feet inward toward your hand so that your body renders a large upside-down V. With your fingers pointed inward toward each other, do a push-up using your shoulders.Triceps dips – sit top top the floor and plant her feet steady in former of you. With your hand directly under your shoulders, use your triceps to lift her body off of the ground.Triceps dips through one foot in the air – the same as above, however with just one foot ~ above the ground when the other is held up high in the air. Repeat ~ above both sides.Triceps round push-ups – beginning in one upside-down V position (similar come V push-ups above), change from your feet to her toes while bringing her knees down between your arms. Through a rounded ago and chop core, usage your triceps to perform a push-up.Hurdle jumps – in this practice you space running in location for a short period of time followed by a jump sideways over an invisible hurdle. Repeat from left to best for the allotted time.Globe jumps – the very same exercise performed in the right test. Start with you hand on the floor and jump up and to the right. Repeat in a behind motion, again come the left, and also once much more to the front.Moving push-ups – comparable to constant push-ups however with every bottom motion, different your arms and legs so regarding ‘step’ come the side. Carry your hands and feet ago together with the increase motions. Repeat with two procedures to the right and two come the left.Floor sprints – from plank position, alternate bringing her feet up toward your hands in a sprinting motion. Make sure to store your target down.Hop squats come push-ups – the last exercise starts in a squat position, hopping up and also down. As soon as Shaun shouts out the cue, drop come plank position and perform a traditional push-up. At the cue, jump earlier to squat position and repeat.

Once you have completed every one of the cardio power and resistance exercise, Shaun T leader you through some breathing exercises and also a cool under stretch comparable to the warm-up stretch performed earlier.

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This concludes the cardio power and resistance page.

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