switch (transaction.transactionState) situation SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchasing: // present wait view below statusLabel.text =

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"Processing..."; break; situation SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchased: < finishTransaction:transaction>; // eliminate wait view and also unlock iClooud Syncing statusLabel.text =
"whatever" forServiceName: kStoredData updateExisting:YES error:&error>; // apply purchase activity - hide lock overlay and also ; // do other thing to permit the features break; case SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored: < finishTransaction:transaction>; // remove wait view here statusLabel.text =
""; break; case SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed: if (transaction.error.code != SKErrorPaymentCancelled) NSLog(
"Error payment cancelled"); < finishTransaction:transaction>; // remove wait view here statusLabel.text =
"Purchase Error!"; break; default: break; The last two cases, plus the default, are offering me the following error:

Cannot jump from switch statement come this situation label

I have used the move statement many, countless times; this is the first time I have seen this. The code has been duplicated from a accuse (here), which ns am trying to it is adapted for my app. Would appreciate the assist on this one. SD


C is no Swift. You"ll be happier if you framework your move statements utilizing curly braces round every one of the instances interiors, like this:

switch (tag) instance 1: // curly braces // ... Break; situation 2: // curly braces // ... Break; instance 3: // curly braces // ... Break; The extra level that curly braces enables you to perform things you can"t perform otherwise.


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