Sometimes you finish up unexpected with a bouquet of flower after an event like a wedding. It’s a pity come let flowers go come waste.

So deserve to you bring flowers on an airplane? room there any rules versus it?

Or possibly you would like to take it flowers v you as soon as you travel so girlfriend will have a gift through you upon arrival.

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Let’s take a look in ~ flying with flowers.

TSA flowers Rules

Here’s what the transportation Security administration have come say about flowers.


You are enabled to bring fresh flower in either carry-on bags or checked bags. Yet your flowers cannot be in water when going with the defense checkpoint because of the liquids rule.

It’s a great idea come wrap the reduced stems in a damp document towel and then wrap lock in foil or plastic to keep them from dry out.

This passenger inquiry if there was a limit to the quantity of flowers permitted on planes.


The TSA rightly point out that you must comply with your airlines lug on policy so let’s view if they airlines in the united States mention anything around flying through flowers.

Airlines & Flying v Flowers In Hand Luggage On residential Flights

Many airlines enable passengers to bring two bags, the an individual item and also the carry-on suitcase.

You can need to use your an individual item allowance for her bouquet of reduced flowers. This would certainly involve putting any kind of purse or laptop bag within your key carry-on.

Don’t assume you that you’ll be able to bring a purse, carry-on bag, and flowers.

Your flowers will most likely need come fly together your personal item.

Alaska Airlines

Jessica spotted the trip attendant on she Alaska flight put part roses in water because that the trip. When you’ve got your flowers previous airport protection you could try asked the flight attendant if they can put her flowers in water.


Delta Airlines

Travel request Delta if that could lug some flower on board.


Delta responded that flower are allowed on their flights but didn’t give any type of packing advice.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier only permits friend to bring one personal item uneven you pay the fees to carry a carry-on.

If you are bring flowers ~ above a Frontier flight you may need to acquisition the carry-on allowance.

Frontier can be strict around their hand baggage policies so her flowers will count together a personal item.

JetBlue Airlines

Danielle request JetBlue about bring flower on the plane.


They discussed that the flowers would certainly count as either a an individual item or carry-on.

Also they shown that it’s really under to the crew regulating the trip whether or not the flower will be able to be brought on the flight.

Southwest Airlines

The Southwest crew took care of Matt’s flower making sure they arrive safely.


United Airlines

United aided Jennifer once you flew v an orchid.


Flying with Flowers Internationally

Since their space concerns about pests it could not be a great idea to bring flowers ~ above an global flight.

They would most likely need to it is in inspected in ~ the destination country by the farming authority and also there is a risk they may be discarded.

If you want to provide flowers as a gift after ~ an international flight it’s usually best to buy lock locally.

Still Unsure? questioning The TSA

Eric asked the TSA around bringing fake flower arrangements for a wedding on his flight.


The TSA responded that flower kinds are enabled in carry-on or checked bags.

Erin request the TSA around bringing potted flowers due to the fact that she want to fly with an orchid.


The TSA answered the they don’t have actually a difficulty with passengers bringing flowers through airport security however that you require to examine with her airline around their baggage policies.

This traveler asked about bringing synthetic flowers.


You are permitted to bring fabricated flowers on a plane. You just need come worry about your airlines hand luggage policies.

The Verdict

You can carry flowers on a airplane but friend can’t carry through the defense checkpoint in water. The is the water that is limited not the flowers.

After you have actually passed v the security checkpoint you might put the flower in water again. You can pack a 3.4 container that water in her quart-size liquids bag or you can buy part water after ~ security.

If friend ask nicely the cabin crew could put your flowers in water for the expression of her flight.

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You may need to store your flowers under the seat on the plane. It can not be valuable to have actually your flower in water during the flight.