Sweetened condensed milk is for this reason rich and also yummy. Condensed Milk is commonly cow’s milk which includes much that the water content boiled away. The is found with sugar added.

It can be stored because that a long time there is no refrigeration and also you also deserve to Freeze the Condensed Milk in a clean airtight container for as much as 3 months.

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Thaw the milk overnight in the fridge. Condensed milk, frequently used in desserts, has a longer life span. This dairy product is made with a patent foolproof consistency v removing milk water content using using a distinct vacuum process.

For freezing sweetened condensed Milk you have actually transferred the milk right into a fridge-safe container. We extremely suggest dividing the condensed milk into controllable portions before freezing. In this way, defrosting frozen milk significantly reduces the hassle.

If you usage an ice cream cube tray, save the filled trays in the refrigerator. Allow the condensed milk to freeze for two hours or so

After the condensed milk is solid, take an ice cube tray indigenous the fridge. Gradually transfer the condensed milk cubes right into a recyclable plastic bag. Take it extra air and also then seal. Go into the warehouse date, climate stick the level in the refrigerator.


A few steps are made of very delicious condensed milk.

Condensed milk have the right to be do from evaporated milk by mixing a 4 minutes 1 of the street in a saucepan v the volume that evaporated milk, then heat and stir the mixture till the street is completely dissolved, then refrigerate.

To prepare this simple recipe, take it a deep bottled pan and place it over medium flame. Provide it low-fat milk with sugar and also mix well.

Once mixed, minimize the flame and also simmer the milk for 3-5 minutes till the street is completely dissolved.

Let the milk simmer for about 25-30 minutes, until the milk is diminished to half and thickened. If several of the foam goes up, remove it utilizing a spoon.

Once the special milk is ready, close the flame and let it cool come room temperature. Deliver to a jar and also turn off the wait pressure. Leave it in the fridge to cool, it will make one to one and also a half cups the condensed milk. You can store this condensed milk for as much as a minimum that 6 months.

Unopened condensed milk deserve to simply be stored in your pantry, or another cool, dried location. Favor all crate products, maintaining the deserve to out that heat, light and wet problem will ensure the the condensed milk sustains a long period of. 

An open can of condensed milk at room temperature is not recommended in ~ all, as it is a surefire method to flourish mold. Since the shelf life of opened up condensed milk lasts just three weeks in freezing temperatures , freezing is clear a good option.

Condensed milk have to be frozen in an airtight container, and also will not freeze solid due to the fact that of the sugar content.


Especially this winter, countless like come refresh themselves with tea while chatting with friends.

Give her favorite warm tea a sweet, creamy flavor through a cube or two of frozen dessert condensed milk! Cubed sweetened condensed milk will certainly instantly melt, giving your warm tea a wonderfully update twist.

Give your daily favorite drinks, such as coffee and also hot chocolate, a rich, sweet taste by including a tiny concentrated milk.

Which bring water come the mouth.

If you like custard pie fillings, you deserve to use sweet condensed milk on her leftovers come make standard lemon pie, custard pie or invoice Smith’s Atlantic beach pie.

If friend ‍are fond of having actually delicious ice cream cream, you can have this standard dessert at house by using leftover sweetened condensed milk.

For this purpose just you have to include sweetened condensed milk to the ice cream because that making the thick and also creamy texture and delightfully sweet flavor and also then gain it through heart content.

If you desire to have actually sweetened flavor acquisition sour fruits, provide them a creamy, sweet flavor through sweetened condensed milk. Just you need to drizzle a spoonful the sweetened condensed milk on usually ready fresh fruits and also you have a healthy and balanced dessert ready to be shared with the whole family, friends, relatives and whom friend would like to entertain. 


Condensed milk is really a health food because that containing all the crucial nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrate which space highly compelled for all period groups.Presence the calcium is thought about highly advantageous in the development of bones, specifically in farming children.it likewise helps in the maintain of our an important teeth. If a child’s diet is low in fat or if the son is malnourished, condensed milk need to be added to various recipes to improve nutrition. No doubt youngsters are often discovered to gain this very delicious item. 

1 ounce or 30 ml that sweetened condensed milk offers :

Calories: 90Carbs: 15.2 gramsFat: 2.4 gramsProtein: 2.2 gramsCalcium: 8% of daily Value (DV)Riboflavin (B2): 7% the the RDIVitamin B12: 4% the the RDICholine: 4% that the RDIPhosphorus: 10% of the Reference daily Intake (RDI)Selenium: 7% that the RDI

A 1 tablespoon that sweetened condensed milk provides virtually 2 grams the fat. The fat in condensed milk gift saturated fat, may put a an adverse effect top top cardiovascular health.

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There go a proverb that health and wellness is wealth. Who doesn’t know this universally well-known wise saying?

So all have to be conscious of having a healthy diet <To know much more about healthy and balanced diet, Click here>. Together sweetened condensed milk is good in terms of physical, chemical and microbial qualities, civilization might enjoy it. 

But before that, you need to be cautious of the procedure prepare the item as defined in this article. You have the right to freeze condensed milk for up to 3 months for longer storage. 


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