Yes, video clip game controllers are allowed on a plane, follow to the TSA. Because they have vulnerable buttons and also joysticks, it’s best to lug them on a plane. That means you’ll mitigate the risk of damages en course to your destination.

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Tips for carrying Your Xbox or PS4 on a plane – exactly how to Travel v a video game Console

Make sure that your video game console is easily available before showing up at airport security.

This is the most necessary tip top top the list. The TSA requires that you eliminate your gaming console from her carry-on bag. You’ll need to collection it in the plastic bins because that x-ray screening. That alright if your PS4 or Xbox has a game in it. But make certain that you can take it out in just a few seconds once you make it to airport security. You don’t want to hold up the line!

Also, make certain that other electronics larger than a mobile are quickly accessible. You’ll have to send these with screening as well. Just acquire all your electronics loaded on the conveyor belt at as soon as for a smooth suffer at the airport.

Bring her PS4 or Xbox in your carry-on bag.

If you are flying with a game console, make sure it is in her carry-on bag. This no required but it will mitigate the danger of damaging her console.

If possible, it’s even better to carry it in a backpack that you deserve to put under her seat.

In part cases, airplanes will certainly run out of room in the overhead bins. If the happens, her overhead luggage can be sent out to the airplane cabin with the remainder of the checked luggage. You don’t desire to it is in in that situation since your video game console can break throughout travel.

But if her console is in your backpack, you can keep it with you at all times.

If you pack your PS4 in confirm baggage, pack it roughly some clothing to protect it during travel.

In my experience, packing your PS4 in confirm baggage functions fine. I fill my PS4 around clothing or pillows so that it doesn’t move about during travel. That keeps the video game console nice and snug. Climate you can save space in her carry-on bag for items that you could use ~ above the plane. That could include books, snacks, or other electronics.

But the decision is eventually up come you! you can’t yes, really go wrong.

Take a look in ~ the video clip below for part tips on exactly how to travel through your PS4 or Xbox.

One traveler had an unopened PS4 console and also was wondering if castle could lug it on a plane. 


Here’s what the TSA had actually to say.


An unopened PS4 console go not require x-ray screening, but this decision rests with the TSA agents. In part cases, they might ask friend to open up the box. Come avoid any type of hassle, inspect with the airline’s website or contact them up. Climate you deserve to verify if you can carry a brand-new game console on a plane.


That wraps up our post on ‘can I bring my Xbox or PS4 video game console top top a plane?’ In short, you can bring your game console in carry-on bags or checked baggage. Yet make sure you eliminate your video game console prior to going v airport security.

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Hopefully this write-up was advantageous for you together you obtain ready for her trip. For much more packing tips, check out the posts below.