After purchase of Telo for the an initial 12 months, then only $17.99/mo to add applicable taxes and also fees. Endless calling topic to typical residential use limitations. +Applicable taxes and fees. Consists of unlimited minutes to landlines in over 60 countries and to smart phones in over 10 countries.

How to contact Argentina native the U.S.

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It’s basic to contact Argentina from the U.S.A. You have the right to use either her Telo-connected residence phone or the cell phone app.

for calls come landlines in Argentina:

an initial dial 011 to leave the U.S. Telephone system. Now dial 54, i beg your pardon is the country code for Argentina. Next dial the 10-digit regional number.

phone call made with the Mobile app do not use any cellular minutes or incur worldwide charges on her wireless bill. Instead, this calls room routed over her data connection and may count versus the data allotment with your cellular phone call provider if you are not linked to Wi-Fi.

If girlfriend encounter any issues or have any further questions, feel free to obtain in call with us via ours Customer assistance website in ~

If you typically call Argentina, upgrading to among’s dialing plans can save girlfriend money and give friend the liberty to make worldwide calls without counting the minutes.

Both the human being Plan and the world Plus Plan administer unlimited calls to Argentina’s landlines transparent the country, and also calls to Argentina’s cell phone numbers are charged at’s low price of $0.26 every minute. The difference in between the 2 plans is the the people Plus plan offers limitless calling to a wider range that countries.

In total, the World setup gives you limitless calling come landline numbers in 60 countries and also mobile number in 10 countries for a low rate of $17.99 every month. The world Plus setup expands your worldwide access with countless calls come landlines in 70 countries and mobile phones in 40 countries for just $25.99 every month.

In stimulate to decision which plan is ideal for you, it’s beneficial to evaluation both international plans and see which countries are included.

International Rates

country Code Area/City code Country/City Standard rate Per Minute Premier price Per Minute World plan civilization Plus
54 Argentina 0.055 0.055

54 Argentina - Mobile-SS 0.260 0.260 0.260 0.260

when the human being plans offer you limitless calls to many locations, you can also use to make cost-free international calls. Any kind of calls room 100% totally free regardless the the lot of time friend talk, therefore if your call in Argentina is likewise an customer, you deserve to talk as long as girlfriend want and it won’t price a penny.

International calling cards because that Argentina frequently charge prices that are cheaper than timeless phone plans. Because that example, Verizon’s standard per-minute price is $1.99 because that calls to Argentina’s landlines and cell call numbers.

Comparatively,’s standard rates are 94 time cheaper than Verizon’s once calling landlines in Buenos Aires. Calls come Argentina mobile numbers are seven times cheaper v than through Verizon.

because that even more savings, offers an extensive calling services with international dialing plan that permit unlimited calling come many global locations. If you imagine you’ll invest several hrs per month phone call internationally, even if it is it’s capturing up v your family members or calling because that work, upgrading to one of’s dialing plans will certainly let you invest as lengthy as you’d choose on the phone there is no recharging phone call cards or accumulating a high monthly bill.

utilizing’s simple Service or Premier Service, calls come landlines in Argentina’s funding city of Buenos Aires room billed at $0.021 every minute. Calls to various other Argentinian landlines cost $0.055 per minute, and also calls come mobile numbers based in Argentina price $0.26 per minute. Straightforward Service has no monthly fees for countless crystal-clear calling in ~ the joined States, and also international calls space prepaid, therefore charges room deducted from your balance.

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v Premier Service, per-minute charges space billed in enhancement to the $9.99 monthly fee for the plan. Return the dialing rates are the very same between straightforward and Premier, there are a totality host of extr features friend gain access to with Premier Service. For example, Premier customers get an effective call-blocking tools to protect against telemarketers, the Mobile app for making phone call from her mobile phone, voicemail accessibility through email, totally free unlimited calling come Canada and also Mexico, plus numerous others that an easy Service doesn’t provide. You pay applicable monthly taxes and fees.


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