Originally released in 1939, Aimé Césaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal is a landmark of modern-day French poetry and a starting text the the Négritude movement. This bilingual edition attributes a new authoritative translation, modification introduction, and also extensive commentary, making the a magisterial version of Césaire’s surrealist masterpiece.

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"Davis has not merely translated a great work the modernist city and an essential document in postcolonial history; the has created a present-day resource of fashionable dissent." — David B. Hobbs, The Nation

"These brand-new translations, as imperfect together translations need to be, strive to give Césaire an authentic voice in English." — Carrie Noland, Modernism/modernity

"This is the best poem ever written." — Juliana Spahr, Artforum

"This execution is there is no a doubt destined to end up being a suggest of referral for every leader of the book as well as for those who dedicate their study to the work-related of Aimé Césaire, and well beyond the English-speaking world." (translated from the French) — Giuseppe Sofo, Études Littéraires Africaines

"Unparalleled in mid-20th century French literature. . . ." — Tim Keane, Hyperallergic

“Césaire’s classic text, witnessing the performative contradiction the the postcolonial voice, has found its suitable translator, a Caribbean classicist, as was the poet himself. The translator’s note is a rare teaching aid. This bilingual edition, introduced and also annotated by a uniquely masterful critic from Africa, F. Abiola Irele, that did much more to develop the Césaire canon than any type of other critic, bring Homecoming home. An invaluable book for student, teacher, scholar, undoubtedly for the an international citizen.” — Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

“Nothing much less than the best lyrical monument of ours time.” — André Breton

“Brilliant, lively, and also exact, N. Gregson Davis’s translation swoops and soars v all the ambiguities, obscurities, and also revelations that make Césaire’s poem a good landmark of Francophone literature. This is the critical edition for English readers.” — Christopher L. Miller, author of The French Atlantic Triangle: literary works and culture of the servant Trade

“This new translation’s directness instantly compels the reader.

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That is raw and also poetic, and cuts to the heart of the matter. It provides me evaluate anew Césaire’s genius, rendered together it is right here in his seductive language.” — Françoise Lionnet, writer of The Known and also the Uncertain: creole Cosmopolitics that the Indian Ocean