Looking because that a change, Mikado moves from the countryside to bustling Ikebukuro to attend the very same high college as his finest friend, Masaomi. Though navigating a brand-new school and friendships deserve to prove challenging by itself, Mikado likewise finds an overwhelming number of brand-new delights and also dangers in the ar he currently calls home. From a familiar Russian sushi bar come the violent shade gangs, to even an city legend in the kind of a black color motorcycle rider, every resident of Ikebukuro is unique and frightening. However the city is smaller sized than it seems at first, and also these strange events appear to be connected. Will the cultivation storm sweep up the transplanted country boy and also his friends or will certainly Mikado discover himself at the facility of a dramatic adjust for Tokyo?

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Japan has reclaimed its previous glory under the indict of Kings, charismatic individuals wielding remarkable powers. However now, oneof the Red King"s vassals has actually been murdered, and a viral video shows the killer"s confession in ~ the scene. He is one Yashiro Isana, declare to be the Colorless King; and also he is currently a wanted male - not only to the Red King"s faction, but likewise the Blues charged with keeping the peace. That is also sought by Kuroh Yatogami, a article of the previous Colorless King sworn to slay any unworthy successor. Only, the topic of your struggle, "Shiro", is a nondescript young guy living an unremarkable life in an island academy, and seems to have actually no recollection of killing anyone. To store his life, Shiro need to prove his innocence; yet what is the truth behind his secret past, and also what will certainly be the result of this confrontation the Kings?

After a catastrophic epidemic kills every adult top top earth, vampiresarise native the shadows to enslave the remaining person population.Yuichiro and also his friend are preserved as vampire fodder in a creepyunderground city. Yuichiro desires of at some point fighting back, and also thefirst action is staging a daring escape from their vampire overlords...

TagsActionDramaHorrorShounenDemonsPandemicPost-apocalypticSupernaturalVampiresViolenceShin OtokogiOVA (2 eps)Pierrot1998

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Middle school student Tsuna has constantly gone v life in last place; however when that learns the he is getting a guardian to assist him raise his game, he had actually no idea that his benefactor would revolve out come be... One infant and a mafia hitman?! as if things can’t gain much stranger, Tsuna then discovers that the powerful Vongola household has preferred him to it is in its next successor – a position that has control over every mafia families. Joined by friends Tsuna unwillingly starts out on his course to coming to be a mafia boss – if he deserve to survive the training!

TagsActionAdventureComedyShounenGangsMafiaSupernaturalSuperpowersREBORN! SpecialWeb (1 ep)Artland2010

All Tsuna want was to go on a constant school pilgrimage with Kyoko, yet with Reborn together the organizer, nothing can be ordinary! now on a two-day adventure across Japan filled with castle climbing and also flying buses, will certainly Tsuna and his friends endure the Vongola-style trip?!

TagsAdventureComedyShounenGangsMafiaSupernaturalSuperpowersJormungand RecapTV special (1 ep)WHITE FOX2012

A recap illustration of the an initial season that Jormungand.

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Hakuryuu LegendVol: 46; Ch: 414Manga Goraku2007 - 2016

The phase is the Tokyo ar of Roppongi and also the players room the various Yakuza gangs. One much smaller corridor is audaciously trying to carve out region for itself. The gang"s ceo relies greatly on his 2nd in command, the notoriously shrewd and an effective young male with the nickname Hakuryu. Through Hakuryu"s guidance, their small gang the 40 members may be able to stand as much as others with also 200 times your numbers. The gang geography of Roppongi is hotly contested, and it will take strength and also strategy to get by in the dangerous world!

TagsActionDramaSeinenGangsHakuryuuVol: 21Manga Goraku1996 - 2007

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TagsActionDramaSeinenGangsHakuryuu HadouVol: 22+; Ch: 196+Manga Goraku2016 - ?

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TagsActionDramaSeinenGangsCase closed (Light Novel)Vol: 32005 - 2008

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TagsLight NovelsMysteryDetectivesCase closeup of the door (2015) (Light Novel)Vol: 10+2015 - ?

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Gian Carlo Bourbon Del Monte, a young member that the mafia, is much better known by his nickname "Lucky Dog" due to his incredibly great luck. Despite knowing the he can escape with just a tiny effort, Gian decides to take it a rest from the fast-and-furious way of life while being held in a maximum-security prison. But when four young mafia captains room captured and brought come the exact same prison, the ceo of your syndicate renders a details request that Gian...

New York, 1927. In a corruption city where crime rules the streets, Firo Prochainezo is Camorra, an Italian criminal syndicate distinctive from the mafia. A member the the fairly small Martillo family, Firo"s however got huge ambitions and also is identified to do his mark. However while the Martillos might not it is in the biggest poor guys top top the block, they"ve acquired some distinct advantages working in your favor. Walk Firo have actually what that takes to come to be a do man? permit the stunner ruckus begin!