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Female XSFemale SFemale MFemale LFemale XLFemale XXLFemale XXXLMale XSMale SMale MMale LMale XLMale XXLMale XXXLCustom-Made

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• Cosplay costumes room made come order.This generally takes 5-15 working days come process. • Please give us your elevation in the remark as soon as you do the order.

Custom-Made Service



 1、All cosplay costumes room custom-made 2、Please refer to the dimension chart  3、If customer deserve to not find an ideal size in the dimension chart, please pick custom-made choice in the size choice pull under menu and also then to fill the detail personalizing requirement in the items remarks as soon as placing the order. (Height, Weight, Chest Circumference, belt Circumference, Hip circumference is needed) If you have huge beer tummy, likewise pls tell us your ship circumference.  4、Customer may likewise provide photo information come service

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Sizing Help

Men"s Cosplay Sizing Chart
XS64 inch34-36 inch28-29 inch
S67 inch36-38 inch30-31 inch
M69 inch39-41 inch32-34 inch
L71 inch42-44 inch35-37 inch
XL73 inch45-47 inch38-39 inch
XXL75 inch48-50 inch41-43 inch
XXXL77 inch50-53 inch44-46 inch


XS165 cm86-92 cm71-74 cm
S170 cm92-97 cm76-79 cm
M175 cm99-104 cm81-86 cm
L180 cm106-112 cm89-94 cm
XL185 cm114-119 cm97-99 cm
XXL190 cm122-127 cm104-109 cm
XXXL195 cm126-135 cm112-117 cm
Women"s Cosplay Sizing Chart
XS61 inch32-33 inch23-25 inch34-36 inch
S63 inch34-35 inch26-27 inch36-37 inch
M65 inch36-37 inch28-30 inch38-39 inch
L67 inch38-41 inch31-33 inch41-43 inch
XL69 inch42-44 inch34-36 inch44-46 inch
XXL71 inch45-46 inch38-39 inch47-48 inch
XXXL73 inch47 inch40-43 inch49-52 inch


XS155 cm81-84 cm59-64 cm86-89 cm
S160 cm86-89 cm66-69 cm91-94 cm
M165 cm91-94 cm71-76 cm97-99 cm
L170 cm97-104 cm79-84 cm104-109 cm
XL175 cm107-112 cm86-91 cm112-118 cm
XXL180 cm113-116 cm94-98 cm119-123 cm
XXXL185 cm117-119 cm99-112 cm124-132 cm