Boz Scaggs’ Middle Man was one more million seller for the veteran, blue-eyed heart singer/songwriter. That good album provided international audiences and radio programmers another tool to find the impressive talent of David Foster.

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Foster co-wrote and also arranged the mass of Middle Man including the two hit singles, the polished “Jojo” and also the rocking “Breakdown Dead Ahead” to add the title track. Another highlight top top this now-classic arsenal was “You deserve to Have Me Anytime.”

Foster always had a distinctive knack to handle a romantic melody and, in this case, here was one of his best examples ever. “You have the right to Have Me Anytime” to be a tender ballad the paired Foster’s splendid music and brilliant setup with Scaggs’ inventive lyrics. “You can Have Me Anytime” wasn’t your usual love song. The distinctive craft, the superb crescendo and also the an essential orchestral embellishment was developed in collaboration with supreme arranger, Marty Paich (1925-1995). Foster’s and Paich’s elegant touches led to a true occupational of art. Scaggs was vocally in his prime and delivered a subdued yet world-class performance. The musicians on Middle Man were the cream the the L.A. Step of the late seventies. Over there were some Toto males that included Jeff Porcaro (1954-1992) ~ above drums, David Hungate top top bass and Steve Lukather ~ above guitars. Foster’s keyboards consisting of his trademark piano/Fender Rhodes were heard everyplace ~ above this album. The cooperation on “You have the right to Have Me Anytime” shame perfect ear-candy.

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A final cite goes come a vibrant guitar solo top top the monitor played by the legendary Carlos Santana.

Later, a Foster/Scaggs partnership would go ~ above the very same romantic route to produce the struggle ballad, “Love, watch What You’ve done To Me” indigenous the film Urban Cowboy and “The Perfect One,” a lesser-known gem included on the soundtrack that the Two that A Kind movie. All the previously mentioned songs have the right to be discovered in the archive section of this website.


Lead Vocals: Boz ScaggsKeyboards: David FosterDrums: Jeff PorcaroBass: David HungateGuitar: Steve LukatherGuitar Solo: Carlos SantanaStrings arranged by Marty PaichProduced by bill Schnee


Here we space in a room full of strangersAnd an open up doorHere we room away from all dangersBut that open up door is calling the end again

Acting choose a girlfriend who wants to knowIf you can come awayI wonder what you’ll sayYou wonder out again

On wing of the nightOnce again you’ll take flightAnd i don’t hear your voice anymoreTonight’s dream will endBut I’ll stay long after thenAnd you deserve to have me anytime

Here us areAlone in the shadows of our lonely roomsHere we areWe are hollows, an extremely lonely rooms

Like a faithless childFrightened the the wild that runs and hidesTo save from gift stillWe run roughly until we lose ourselves again

On wings of the nightOnce again you’ll take it flightAnd i don’t hear her voice anymoreTonight’s dream will endBut I’ll stay long after thenAnd you can have me anytime

Tonight’s dream will certainly endBut I’ll stay long after thenAnd you have the right to have me anytime