Due to its short cost and also easy installation, the use of plastic piping is ~ above the rise. If your plumbing is made of PEX, PVC, or another plastic polymer material–you may an alert a plastic-y taste in her water.

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Despite the reality that water is do of a facility mixture of both organic and also inorganic chemicals, us usually mean our drink water to it is in flavorless. Offered that assumption, any taste or odor in a glass the water can be very noticeable.

One the the most off-putting, unanticipated tastes in your tap water is a plastic-like taste. Unfortunately, a plastic-y taste in madness water is not that uncommon, yet it may leave friend wondering:

Why does my tap water taste choose plastic?Is the dangerous or unsafe come drink water the tastes choose plastic? 

In Tips for Taps, we’ve addressed a large array of common causes for aesthetic water problems—such together why her water is a weird color, why your water smells funny, and even why it has actually an unusual taste. In this article, us zero-in on why your can taste choose plastic, what to do around it, and also what it method for her health.

The first step is come specify the exact “type” of plastic flavor. If you can narrow under whether your tap water tastes choose fruity plastic or much more like rubber v an antiseptic taste, there might be a systems in your pipes. For those the you reasoning of re-plumbing v plastic pipes, some forewarning around taste and the state of knowledge.

What’s mine Home’s pipes Made Of?

As you can know by now, the pipe that carry your tap water come in a selection of materials-- from cause copper to plastic.

Although lead to be outlawed in 1986 due to serious associated and unforeseen human health and wellness impacts, plenty of older homes still have plumbing made of lead. Examine out this Lead hazard Map for an ext information if you are at risk for lead-contaminated drinking water.

Concerned that that lead has leached into your water supply, tap Score’s high precision activities water test deserve to help: lead Water Test. 


While some contaminants space well tested because that on-premises (like chlorine, for example), lead and also copper certainly are not. For an comprehensive look regarding why, take it a look at this examination of house water test strips that asks “when room DIY water tests precious it?” 

With lead plumbing currently illegal, copper is often considered a an ideal metal alternate for plumbing material. However, it have the right to be fairly expensive and also may be cost prohibitive for many. Subsequently, a much more cost effective solution has burst top top the step in recent years and has come to be one that the most well-known plumbing alternatives today: plastic pipes

Cheap and also easy-to-install polymers (i.e. Plastics) have actually taken over tap water plumbing sector in the critical 70 years.

Despite no irreversible data on exposure come plastic in drink water, the studies that are currently easily accessible on plastic exposures through drinking water do suggest there are without doubt potential adverse health impacts.

There room many varieties of plastic pipes, and all of them space stronger and an ext durable than the plastic in your typical water bottle. Through over 70% that Americans using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and also most brand-new plumbing systems being plastic, plastic pipes have come into the warm seat.

Alongside PVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), high thickness polyethylene (HDPE) and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) space the main species of plastic pipes the end there today. PEX and HDPE space touted as much safer than PVC and CPVC due to the fact that there room fewer solvents and glues. By our account, the actual permanent safety of plastic pipes remains understudied and uncertain.

For those unfamiliar through the vast world that plastic plumbing, plastic pipes lack the rigid style of metal pipes and wind their way through your residence like a network the hoses. The benefits of include: 

Plastic tube are much less expensive 보다 copper pipesPlastic pipes is flexible, quick, and relatively easy come installPVC, PEX, CPVC pipes etc are far more resistant come both freezing-related bursts and also corrosion than copper

While those points the fill the pro-plastic pipe column. Now, because that the cons. The case against plastic piping usually incorporate the following:

Plastic pipe cannot be recycled (unlike your copper counterpart)

It’s that last one that most folks room worried about. Because that an comprehensive look in ~ the inquiry of plastic pipeline safety, take a watch here:

Is Plastic Piping Safe?

This concern, coupled through a mystery plastic-like taste in her water may have you asking if your plastic pipes room negatively impacting your water quality. The following step is to determine what “type” that plastic taste your water has.

My Water has actually a Fruity Plastic Taste:

If her water tastes favor fruity plastic or rubbery, this is likely an indication of leachates from her plastic pipes. If her pipes were installed recently, they must be completely flushed and likely left unused for 14 job after installation. If plastic odor and smells persist, it might be due to the means your treated water interacts through the pipes. Odors have been shown to rise in the existence of residual chlorine and disinfection byproducts.

My Water has actually an Antiseptic, cleaning Agent-like Taste:

If your water tastes much more like an antiseptic, or prefer the cleaning reagent TCP, it is most likely that your water is getting in contact with fixtures for other appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. This can take place when the piping fixtures are poorly put together, your appliances have no check-valve to stop backflow right into your pipes, or the plumbing is old. It’s finest to gain your pipes checked if this taste persists.

Is It for sure to Drink Water that Smells and also Tastes choose Plastic?

If girlfriend take criter as the arbiters the truth, you could come away reasoning that the odor and taste compounds linked with plastic pipes are not harmful to person health.

The national Sanitation structure (NSF) International"s typical 61: drink Water device Components-Health results is the gold traditional for experimentation plastic pipes, and permits for tube to walk to industry if they happen their tests. But, castle make part pretty large assumptions.

The American society of Civil engineers pointed out that the NSF exam plastic pipe assuming one disinfection treatment scenario and also does no make their outcomes public. This is bound come underestimate the real wellness risks.

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Researchers have discovered 158 link in drink water connected with plastic pipes, and a current study top top PEX found highly variable results on tap water quality and smell. Us can’t make a ceiling statement about the health impacts of plastic pipes since water therapy (like chlorines and also chloramines) and also pipe-brand impact the final tap water quality. That being said, testing her water because that plastic chemicals that might be leaching into your water is the best method you can protect yourself and loved ones.

Tap Score’s advanced City Water check and advanced Well Water test both include evaluation for volatile compound commonly linked with plastic pipe leaching. Along with analysis because that a multitude of other potentially harmful contaminants such as lead and also arsenic, these in-laboratory water tests will administer quantified results, in addition to a health-risk analysis, plumbing impacts assessment, aesthetic effects and more. 

Specifically looking to test her water because that plastic leachates? tap Score deserve to help: Plastics Leachates Water Test is a target test specifically designed for a breadth of plastic-related compounds prefer BPA, PVC, and phthalates. 

As through every insanity Score Report, you’ll additionally recieved unbiased, treatment referrals based upon your water’s unique chemistry v actionable measures you can take to improve any water quality issues. 

If you have questions around testing your water for any sort the contaminant, including those coming from plastic pipes, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, or almost everywhere else–you can constantly ask the team that chemists, water quality engineers, and also treatment specialists at madness Score. Send a article anytime come hello