In the 18th century Britain and America checked out war over an argument as to what was the correct means to brew tea - in a cup, a pot, or a harbor.

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Not really.  The Boston Tea Party to be a politics protest versus the brothers government and King George III. 

In December 1773, a team of protesters, fed up through being taxed by the British hundreds of miles away, disguised us as aboriginal Americans and boarded some British cargo pearl in Boston harbor. Castle threw the ship"s cargo, tea, right into the sea.

This poem by Paul Perro speak the story in a method that is fun, and also easy for children to understand. If, after analysis the poem, friend would prefer to recognize more, please scroll down to the bottom that the web page for lots of exciting facts.

The Boston Tea Party

Sammy resided in Boston.And he loved to drink tea.But one day something happenedThat made the angry.A king in a faraway land said"From now on every timeSomeone drinks a cup that teaThey must provide me a dime."This did not seem fair to Sammy.The king lived so far awayWhy need to he treatment what Sammy drank?And why have to Sammy pay?Lots of human being agreed through SammyThere to be a lot of frustration.People do speeches with long clever wordsLike “taxation” and “representation.”So Sammy gained some friends togetherAnd the rebellion began.They knew whereby the king maintained his teaAnd they come up through a plan.Sammy was a little worriedThat they’d it is in recognised.So they dressed up as red IndiansAnd climate went the end disguised.The tea was retained on 3 shipsDocked in the harbourThe ships were called “The Dartmouth” “The Beaver” and also “The Eleanor.” castle climbed aboard the Dartmouth firstAnd quickly discovered the tea. They found hundreds that boxesAnd threw them in the sea.


Next they boarded the BeaverAnd found where the tea to be stored. Just like they had actually done before, they threw it overboard. Then they relocated to the EleanorAnd go the very same thing there. Lock spoiled all the king teaBecause he’d to be unfair. They hadn’t want to steal the teaBecause stealing things is wrong. They’d want to teach the king a lessonThat was the plan all along. The following day everyone was talkingAbout the tea that Sammy had actually sunk.They called it the Boston Tea PartyEven despite no tea had been drunk.

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Facts about the Boston Tea Party

The occasions took location in Boston, Massachusetts, top top December 16, 1773.The protestors were led through Samuel Adams, and also included Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and John Hancock. They called themselves The young of Liberty, and they objected to gift ruled by the British and also having to salary them tax.In particular, they were angry around the Tea Act, that offered gave an unfair trading advantage to a brother company.A large group of them (perhaps a hundreds or so) disguised themselves as Mohawk indigenous Americans, and went on board 3 brothers cargo ships that were in the harbour. They threw the cargo (tea) right into the sea.342 crates full of tea to be dumped overboard.The protest did not specifically hurt the British, however it to be symbolic. It urged other americans to stand up to the British, and also it was was a really important action on the way to the battle of Independence.This was among the vital events which led approximately the American Revolution, and also independence.

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