Learning how to swim in Bloodstained: routine of the Night isn’t as an easy as just obtaining in the water. Here's just how to discover the ability.

Learning just how to swimming in Bloodstained: routine of the Night is a small harder than doing for this reason in real life. The is to say; girlfriend can’t just go ahead and also learn just how to swim simply wearing floaties.Instead, you should be impaled by among the games plenty of Shards in order to acquire the ability to traverse the depths.

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While you come throughout water reasonably at an early stage in the game, you don"t gain the capability to dive right into it till you’re around halfway with Bloodstained.

How to Swim in Bloodstained ritual of the Night


The shard you’re after ~ is the Aqua currently Shard. Friend can obtain this Shard from among the first rooms in the castle, however not until you’ve got a various ability.

You very first need to loss the Bloodless boss, that you’ll come across as you make your way through the game. She is in the room of Termination, which have the right to be found in the Dian Cecht Cathedral.

Defeating she will approve you the Blood drainpipe Shard, i beg your pardon you should use on the fountain of blood early on in the castle.

Once friend descend below the blood fountain, you’ll eventually come across a bigjellyfish enemy, i m sorry is the one the drops the Aqua currently Shard that permits you come swim.

For reference, the map listed below has the Blood fountain room circled, with the jellyfish room circled listed below it.


You may need to farm yard the jellyfish in stimulate to get the Shard to drop, but press on, and it’ll ultimately be yours. Then you’ll have actually even an ext places to explore.

Due to the means you swimming underwater, girlfriend won"t have the ability to open chests best off the bat, though. To perform that, you need to have actually the Deep Sinker Shard, which can be discovered within the Hidden Desert area ~ a boss fight.

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You can see wherein it is top top the map below. When again the Blood spring room is circled because that reference. The shard itself is past this obstacle which disappears once the boss has actually been defeated. TheDeep Sinker Shard allows you move about underwater as though you were on land. This method you can use your abilities and also open chests.


Now that you know how to swim in Bloodstained: routine of the Night, you need to head on end to the Bloodstained travel guide hub wherein you deserve to learn about all sorts of other helpful things. It’ll do this tricky trip far easier to handle.