Blood on the Ice is among the most intriguing searches in Skyrim, and here"s a action by step overview on exactly how to finish it.

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With Skyrim"s numerous quests, dungeons, and also mods come explore, there is no shortage of content for this legendary RPG. The game"s range is second to no one in the genre, which deserve to be seen through Skyrim"s miscellaneous quests.

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one of the game"s most exciting quests is "Blood on the Ice," a murder an enig that tasks players v uncovering a murderer that roams the highways of Windhelm. The quest has a how amazing amount the branching courses of football player to take, and it uses a great reward compared to most side quests. Below is a finish guide to the "Blood ~ above the Ice" pursuit in Skyrim.

11 go into The Crime step In Windhelm

To begin "Blood top top the Ice," players will must make their means to Windhelm in between 7:00 PM and also 7:00 am in-game. If players accomplish both conditions, they should notification a crime scene at the town"s graveyard come the left the the gate entrance.

once players watch the corpse and copious amounts of blood, the game will start the quest and also ask players to report the event to the guards. Via:
Windhelm"s guards already know about the worry by the moment players report it to them. Sadly, this isn"t the first time someone has actually been murdered.

lot of women have been murdered similarly before. The security don"t know who it is and are also busy through the Civil battle to investigate, for this reason they enable the player to investigate the crime scene and bring this "Butcher" to justice.

Skyrim Blood ~ above the ice graveyard crime scene. Via: The Elder Scrolls Wiki - Fandom
Head earlier to the crime scene after talking with the guards. They will tell the player to talk to one of three witnesses: Calixto Corrium, Silda the Unseen, and Helgird. Talk to all three will reveal little of anything. Reporting earlier to the guards will certainly yield no hints on how to continue, so football player will need to proceed investigating the scene. Football player can also talk to Helgrid in the hall of the Dead for some added information, although that is mainly irrelevant for completing the quest.

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further inspecting the human body will reveal a trace of blood. Following the follow will cause Hjerim, one abandoned house in Windhelm. Bringing this up v the guards who will straight the player come Tora Shatter-Shield, the mother of the ahead owner that the house. Via: The Elder Scrolls Wiki - Fandom
talk to Tora will reveal that she has actually a crucial to Hjerim that players can use. Just talk come her and she will approve the football player a an essential to the house.

Alternatively, players have the right to steal it from her if castle are proficient with Pickpocketing or pick the Master lock on the door outright.

when players get in the house, lock might notice that a pamphlet named "Beware the Butcher" is lying on a shelf. Football player can select to proceed investigating the house or look for out the writer the this pamphlet named Viola Giordano.

If players wish to carry out the latter, they can uncover Viola in the Candlehearth hall in the evening. Speak to her and she will assist the player in investigating the house.

regardless of the player"s decision to look for Viola"s assistance, start Hjerim will expose a rather sparse residence with a couple of objects to inspect. Walk up to any type of item in the room and also interact v it to inspection it. If the player brought Viola with them, she will certainly have additional dialogue pertaining to the Butcher and how the town is not investigating the murders because of the civil War.

After investigating the wardrobe, players will find a surprise panel that leads to a concealed room. Within the room is a weird Amulet that is beside a necromancy altar. Pick up the journals and amulet and also bring them come Wuunferth the Undying, Windhelm"s court wizard, or Calixto at his shop.

happen the strange amulet to one of two people Wuunferth or Calixto will cause both to offer a yellow reward for transforming it in.

if this isn"t strange because that Calixto together he"s a collector, that does it seems ~ odd the Wuunferth wants it. Players have the right to question him about it and even suspicion Wuunferth to be the Butcher if they so desire.

Wuunferth is critical to the following step the this quest. Players deserve to either speak to the court wizard directly and also question him about practicing necromancy or, alternatively, take the worry to Jorleif and also insist that Wuunferth is the Butcher.

law the last will put Wuunferth in jail, i m sorry is an occasion the player have the right to witness themselves. Every little thing seems earlier to normal as soon as he"s in prison, yet waiting three days will expose yet another murder. Talking to Wuunferth at this stage will reveal that he was investigating the Butcher. The will straight the player to inspection the stone Quarter at night come look for suspiciously activity.

because that players the wish to talk to Wuunferth first, he will certainly tell the player that he is investigate the Butcher extensively and also believes he roams the rock Quarter at night. Both alternatives ultimately cause the very same objective, however one delays the pursuit by a couple of days.

at this point, football player will should head come the sector district known as the rock Quarter in ~ some suggest between dusk and also dawn. Save an eye out for one of 4 NPCs to appear: Nilsine Shatter-Shield, Jora, Hermir Strong-Heat, or Arivanya. Players the talked come Wuunferth an initial and did not imprison that will constantly see Arivanya appear.

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nevertheless of who shows up, players will soon an alert Calixto Corrium shows up from the shadows. He will attract a knife and proclaim himself as the feared Butcher of Windhelm. Safety won"t reaction to this, therefore the player requirements to intervene.

as soon as Calixto reveals self to it is in the Butcher, players have to kill him before he death the murder victim. Killing Calixto ~ above the streets will no incur a bounty top top the player, even if its right next to a guard.

have to the player failure to kill Calixto in time, he will certainly murder the victim and retreat to Hjerim. Run earlier to his house to discover him in the covert altar room. Death Calixto to end up this step.

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Upon death the Butcher, players will certainly be tasked with talking to Jorleif. Speaking to that will complete the questline, giving players the ability to case Hjerim as their own and also decorate it as they please.

The strange Amulet will also change to the Necromancer"s Amulet, a an effective neck item that grants +50 Magicka and also reduces the cost of Conjuration spells through 25% in ~ the expense of 75% Health and Stamina regeneration.

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