The Breakdown: Violent Femmes’ ‘Blister in the Sun’

“It ended up being a standard prior to it was a hit,” claims bassist Brian Ritchie


Everyone remembers the step in My So dubbed Life whereby Angela celebrates getting over Jordan Catalano by dancing to the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” in her bedroom, or as soon as the tune was prominently featured in Gross Pointe Blank. (The band also made a new video for the film the starred a puppet version of invoice Clinton’s cat, Socks.)

Now, in the latest installment the Rolling Stone‘s “The Breakdown” series, Femmes frontman Gordan Gano and bassist Brian Ritchie talk about the making of your 1983 fight — and also its long misinterpreted meaning. Gano explains a conversation the took location nearly two decades after the song’s release, where someone asserted it was around masturbation. “I was really surprised,” claims Gano. “When you say ‘I stained my sheets,"” replies Ritchie, “if it’s not about masturbation, climate what was it about?”

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Gano says he at first wrote the tune with a mrs singer in mind. “I simply thought of large hands since mine are small,” he claims of the heat “Big hand I know you’re the one.” original drummer Victor DeLorenzo spontaneously created the song’s signature north lick, making the the an initial song that played v the band.

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Elsewhere in the clip, the duo talk about the song’s long-lasting popularity, regardless of the reality that the was never put out together a single (the record company decided versus it since it didn’t have actually a bass drum). Thesong has taken on a life the its own,constantly play in pubs, sporting activities stadiums and in the media. “Through a long procedure of word of mouth, play the gigs, other world doing covers of it, radio stations walking rogue and also playing it anyway even though the record agency didn’t desire them to,” states Ritchie, “it came to be a standard prior to it to be a hit.”

36 years later, Gano says he hasn’t get an impression wary of play “Blister in the Sun.” “We’re never worn down of doing it because that an audience or because that people because there’s together joy,” the says. Add to Ritchie: “It’s wonderful to have the ability to incite together enthusiasm by simply doing what we do and also having a tune that has that impact.”

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