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Company Revs that Engines to offer as the an initial Destination to sell the highly Anticipated heat of Vehicles, Die-Cast and also Plush native Fisher-Price

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"Ever due to the fact that Blaze and the Monster machines roared come life critical fall, preschoolers have actually been clamoring for playthings starring the show"s entire gang of witty and vibrant characters," stated Jamie Uitdenhowen, vice President, general Merchandising Manager, Toys"R"Us, U.S. "We worked carefully with our partners at Fisher-Price and also Nickelodeon to be the very first retailer to race this action-packed heat of playthings come shelves for little fans, offering them the possibility to extend the high-octane stunts, songs and monster adventures from the show during playtime."

Currently ranked together the number-one preschool show in that is time duration on every TV*, Blaze and the Monster equipments is the an initial preschool collection to comprehensively sheathe all areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in every episode. Blaze and also the Monster Machines complies with Blaze and also AJ, as they check out the physics of how things move, tackle troubles through scientific inquiry and also mathematics and discover the parts required to make daily technologies work. Every action-packed illustration is filled v monster trucks, physics humor and upbeat original songs v lyrics the highlight a STEM-related concept, such as adhesion, friction, force, trajectory and also magnetism. Produced by Jeff Borkin (Team Umizoomi head writer) and also Ellen boy name (Bubble Guppies supervising producer), the collection airs weekdays at 10:30am (ET/PT) top top Nickelodeon.

"As the popularity of Blaze and also the Monster Machines continues to grow, we are excited to bring the adventures from the present into the houses of our fans," said Manuel Torres, senior Vice President, global Toys and also Publishing, Nickelodeon customer Products. "Fisher-Price has lugged the signature styles, activity and excited from the display to life."

"We are thrilled to companion with Toys"R"Us to it is in the very first Blaze and also the Monster makers retail destination," stated Steve LaBella, an elderly Vice President, Fisher-Price Preschool. "Kids everywhere have to be captivated by the distinctive personalities featured ~ above the show and also can now play out the exciting action from Nickelodeon"s top-rated collection with vehicles, die-cast and also plush, while suffering the STEM ethics integral to the show"s content."

Blaze and also the Monster devices vehicles, die-cast and plush indigenous Fisher-Price that space now available exclusively at Toys"R"Us shop nationwide and online at include:

Blaze and the Monster Machines™ Plush AssortmentThese ready-to-roar trucks might look tough, however they"ve gained a monster-sized soft spot because that snuggling with small ones. Featuring big truck tires and a super-soft body, each of this soft plush van are prepared for race or remainder time. Obtainable in Blaze, Zeg and Stripes. Each offered separately. No batteries required. Periods 3 years and up.

Blaze and also the Monster Machines™ car Assortment With large wheels and even bigger personalities, this assortment of die-cast monster trucks captures the signature styling emphasize on the show and are perfect because that recreating fan-favorite races and spectacular stunts. Obtainable in Blaze, Crusher, Pickle, Zeg, Darington and Stripes. Each offered separately. No batteries required. Eras 3 years and up.

Blaze and the Monster Machines™ Slam & walk AssortmentIt"s race day and Blaze and the Monster Machines™ are prepared for part high-octane activity with this assortment of monster trucks. Children can push down on this race-ready vehicles, then watch as they accelerate to top speeds. Easily accessible in Slam & go Blaze, Slam & walk Crusher and also Slam & go Stripes. Each offered separately. No batteries required. Periods 3 years and up.

Blaze and also the Monster Machines™ talking AssortmentLittle fans can lug the impressive adventures from series to life v this assortment of talk vehicles. Through the help of sound waves, each of this freewheeling vehicles animates v phrases, awesome action sounds and also authentic styling. Accessible in talking Blaze, talk Darington and Talking Zeg. Each offered separately. No batteries required. Eras 3 years and up.

Blaze and also the Monster Machines™ Transforming Blaze JetBlaze can transform into just about anything, consisting of a jet plane. When kids lift Blaze up, his jet wings automatically pop out and transform him from a road-ready monster device to a high-flying hero who supplies thrust to zoom into aerodynamic action. As tiny racers do Blaze fly in jet mode, he will certainly speak flight-related phrases. As soon as his tires fight the ground, he"ll race earlier into Monster device mode through sounds and also phrases to match. No batteries required. Periods 3 years and also up.

To download hi-resolution images of the new Blaze and also the Monster machines line, please visit:

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