“We live in south Florida (Miami). My daughter-in-law has planted an aloe plant in the ground. It’s cultivation nicely yet has black spots on it. Should she it is in concerned?” inquiry from Brenda the Miami, Florida

Answer: Florida rains space too lot for succulent Aloe (Aloe vera). The is a dryland plant from the Arabian Peninsula the is finest suited for cultivation in southern California and the American Southwest in the US. It calls for dry, fast-draining soil, when established. Too lot moisture emphasize aloes and also invites fungal disease. Black spots ~ above the pipeline are as result of fungal disease, yet there are several things you deserve to do to stop its spread.

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To flourish aloe well whereby you live, it have to be potted. Before potting up her aloe, eliminate the worst the the infected leaves; just cut them off. Pick a pot big enough come accommodate that root system that has drainage feet at the bottom. Her aloe will certainly need really fast-draining soil, together as black Gold Cactus Mix. When you are ready to transplant, destruction the aloe indigenous the soil, eliminate the excess soil from that roots, and also plant it in the pot v fresh mix. Finally, water that in lightly, and also once its leaf is dry, spray it with a natural & organic, copper-based fungicide (click here for one example).

Place her potted aloe in a clear to partly sunny spot under an eave or extended patio whereby it will not acquire rain. This will permit you come water it as needed. I recommend watering no much more than twice a month, and water it from the basic while being sure to keep its sheet dry.

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From there, your aloe must thrive!

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