We make a huge Difference for Lake Area Kids

Lake Area large Brothers huge Sisters is a mentoring program that helps neighborhood children between the ages of 6 and 14. Spending simply an hour every week through a kid who requirements an adult function model have the right to be life changing for the boy ... And for you.

Don"t have actually 60 minutes to give? consider making a donation. All money remains local and helps assistance the Lake the the Ozarks large Brothers big Sisters program.

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This regime operates ~ above 100% donations! You have the right to Make an impact


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Where the Money Goes

Donations made to the routine are devoted to funding background checks and also monitoring the matches, as well as getting the word out around this necessary program in ~ the Lake therefore we deserve to serve as many children as possible.

Why It matters

46% much less likely to start using drugs

27% less likely come consume alcohol

52% much less likely 보다 their partner to skip a job of school

30% less likely to connect in violent behavior

More trusting of parental or guardians

Less likely to lie come parents

More most likely to perform much better in college

Local bigs and littles from about Lake that the Ozarks.


School Based Mentoring The lunch buddies’ program is design to complement students at institution of the Osage upper Elementary through an adult who truly cares about and will encourage the children success.

We questioning “Bigs” to accomplish with their “Littles” once a week during the college year. The meetings just take place on school grounds. Matches can play games, talk 1:1, or occasionally work on homework.

You acquire to be a positive adult function model to a son in your ar for an entire school year by just talking and spending time through them during their lunchtime.

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September 14, 2021

Join us for a fun filled afternoon the golf in ~ The club at Porto Cima, one of Missouri"s finest golf venues. Friend will indeed enjoy your afternoon through the proceeds of her participation benefiting huge Brothers big Sisters the Lake that the Ozarks program.