Kidslove adventure stories,so teaching about the Lewis and Clark expedition can be a lotof fun!  This subject is usually part of an American Frontier unit, for this reason its waiting of adventure anddiscovery is good for setup the tone because that the whole unit.  Beloware some of the finest children"s books depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition from a range of vantage points--like a dog, a NativeAmerican,an afri American slave, a young boy who desperately want tojoin... Many are teacher tested. Shot them out in her next history unit!

And if you know of a an excellent children"s publication for teaching about Lewis and also Clark, please execute let united state know. Us love acquiring recommedations!

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Seaman"s JournalMeriwether Lewis lugged his dog,Seaman, along on the expedition.This engaging photo book tells the story of that expedition throughthe dog"s point of Patricia Reeder Eubank2nd great - 5th grade


How us Crossed the West In a starred review, Publ. Weeklysaid "This outstanding photo book is a must-have because that anyone through an attention in us history."by Rosalyn Schanzer2nd class - sixth grade


SacajaweaIn alternate chapters, WilliamClark and also Sacajawea recount theexperiences of the journey, eachproviding their own view andinterpretation that Joseph Bruchac6th grade & Up


The Captain"s DogThe expedition told v the eyes of Captain Lewis"s dog--the day-to-day challenges, theaction and adventures they had in the American Roland Smith5th grade - 8 hours grade


York"s Adventures v Lewis & ClarkAn account the the expeditionfeaturing York--the slave of Clark and the only African American top top the expedition. By R. Blumberg6th great - 8 hours grade

The great Expedition the Lewis and also Clark This is a fictional picture bookjournal the the expedition, based on real accounts and using thename the an actual corp member--Private Reubin Field.2nd great - 5th grade

The newspaper of Augustus PelletierLewis & Clark Expedition, 1804-- a My surname is Americaseries book around a boy that travels together the expeditionby Kathryn Lasky5th great - 8th grade

Streams come the River, flow to the Seaa novel around Sacagawea, by the dad of children"s historic fiction chapter books--Scott O"Dell sixth grade - 8th grade

A photo Book that Lewis and also Clarka photo book biography, fullof stunning watercolors that record the beauty, beauty andexpansiveness that the Westby David Adler2nd grade - 5th grade

Lewis and Clark because that Kidstwenty-one tasks bring to life the native American people they encountered, the plants and also animals they discovered, and also the camping/navigatingtechniques castle used. 4th grade - 7th grade

The Lewis & Clark Expedition    a mixture that crafts, activities, and also information--kid-friendly,with cartoons, art, jokes, artifacts, maps, and questions that make that interactive 4th grade - 6th grade

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We are at this time working ~ above a review of Lewis & Clark: A Prairie Dog because that the President. so cute!  we imagine there room other good books top top the that must be added to this list. If you recognize of a great title, you re welcome let us know.  our website gets better with the aid of teachers throughout the country!