2014, girlfriend have certainly made us expect the unexpected as soon as it concerns hair color. A few years earlier it would have been wild to spot environment-friendly hair ~ above the street, however today we wouldn’t look twice. Every shade of the rainbow has actually been spotted this year – and not simply on Katy Perry. We’re all about the unusual colors, and also it’s looking prefer we could have one more to look front to. Metallic hair seems to be the next dye job on the rise, at least in London.

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Hari’s shop on King’s road is make its note on the beauty market with its new buzzworthy color. “We to be seeing a lot of metallics trending in fashion and also we thought, Hmm, why no hair?” Mel Halacoglu, a senior colorist in ~ the salon tells Style.com. Falling somewhere in between ash and platinum, this specific shade that bronze helps “tone under full-on blonds, as well as softly lightening winter brunettes,” she explains.

While over there isn’t any kind of actual steel in the dye, Mel states she uses the “balayage technique” to use the exclude, golden-honey hue – a shade famous with models weaning themselves off bleach. The an approach is recognized for instantly adding radiance to dull strands and also warmth come complexion. Looks like you can ditch the bronzer. Currently this shimmery dye task is only easily accessible across the pond, but we’re guessing it will make its means stateside in the not-so-distant future.

In the meantime, all this talk around hair color has us thinking about which colors do it large in 2014. Considering we’ve sort of watched it every this year, that was tough to narrow it down, but we walk our best. Here are a couple of of our favourite hair color trends the this past year (most of which will probably keep going strong in 2015).

1. Rose Gold: Not quite bronze, but metallic in its own right, we’re expecting to check out a lot more of this color in 2015. Rumer Willis mirrors off the brassy tone that’s a mix in between red, pink and yellow. Consider it an updated version of strawberry blonde. (image via just Jared)

2. Lilac: Considering lilac’s cousin Radiant Orchid was shade of the year in 2014, us can’t say we were surprised to view this the shade explode. Colorful enough to do an impact without hurting anyone eyes, this shade is the perfect very first step into colored locks. (image via Pastel Illusions)

3. Ash Brown: If you’re bored of basic brown hair, give it one edge with this dusty, ash brown color. That the perfect, albeit subtle, adjustment because that a winter ‘do. (via Style.com)

4. Silver: Gray hair isn’t simply for grannies anymore. This hair shade (or absence thereof) is do an affect on a dramatically younger generation. Whether you walk for a deeper shade of gray of a shimmery silver- is up to you. (image via Lux and also Laune)

5. Sparkle Hair: together a not-so-permanent option, glittered hair appears to be taking off. Even if it is you emboldened your totality head in the stuff or simply add a little bit the sparkle to a select section, this format is specific to cause a line at any kind of party you absent it at. (image via Nasty Gal)

6. Colored Dip Dye: whether it’s pink, green, or jade blue, one thing became very clear this year: dip dice is not just for fabric anymore. (image via

7. Every the Colors: Why have actually one color when you can have castle all? native a two-toned ombre to a full-blown shade explosion, this look is certainly for the brave, but additionally the beautiful. (via culture and Life)

8. Babylights: If you’re not acquainted with the term, babylights are delicate blonde highlights painted on utilizing the balayage method – the same method that copper hair is created. The process gives hair shade dimension, kind of prefer a blonde kid’s hair in ~ the end of summer. Falling on the entirely opposite side of the hair shade spectrum, the technique used this means is draft to make hair watch as herbal as possible. (via

Are friend planning some significant hair transforms in 2015? What are you thinking? Share v us in the comments below.

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