The battle of Yorktown confirmed to be the final major battle the the American Revolution. Washington, together with the French, trapped the British and also Cornwallis in Yorktown Virginia. ~ a three week siege, Cornwallis surrendered come Washington (Cornwallis sent his second-in-command to surrender and it was accepted by the American second-in-command) on 19 October 1781.

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French illustration from the southern of Yorktown spring north follow me the York River v the American and also French to the north and also west.

Result: American Victory

Created/Published: 1781

Dimensions (Width x Height): 20.6x13.8

Each map is published using the best materials and methods. Your map will certainly be tackled with white gloves from begin to finish. We use the Giclee printing method on Hahnemuhle paper, i m sorry produces a clear, exceptionally detailed, durable map the is perfect to be proudly presented in your house or office.

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Digital watermark go not show up on your purchased map.

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Letter native the Founder:

fight Archives was established in Nashville in 2017 after ~ finding a map of western Europe from the 1940's. This was no plain map, yet rather the one my grand had in his trip suit during his objectives over Europe in his B-17 as a co-pilot. The connection to that map, to my family's armed forces history, inspired me to find the highest quality and also relevant battle maps the the American military perfect for framing and displaying in residences and offices throughout the country. We use the greatest quality record and printing methods to produce these excellent visual relationships to America's past and also the veterans who combated in those wars.-Mike



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