Collision course The British grand Fleet steam eastwards throughout the north Sea in two groups - the battlecruiser fleet commanded by Admiral sir David Beatty indigenous its base in Rosyth, and also the main fight fleet under Admiral Sir man Jellicoe, indigenous its basic at Scapa Flow.

The German High Seas Fleet moved northwards indigenous Wilhelmshaven in a similar formation, through Admiral Franz Hipper’s quicker battlecruisers steaming ahead of the main battle fleet under Admiral Reinhard Scheer.

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By early morning that 31st may 1916, the British and German fleets were on a collision course however incredibly, neither knew the the various other was at sea.

Scheer to be unaware that his signals to be being intercepted, whilst Jellicoe and also Beatty to be mistakenly notified by the Admiralty in ~ midday that Scheer was still in harbour at Wilhelmshaven.

Consequently, as soon as visual contact was make by the breakthrough battlecruisers of Beatty and also Hipper in ~ 14.40, this came as a surprise to both sides.

Above: fight area showing the positions of the British grand Fleet and German High Seas Fleet at 14.00 hours on 31st might 1916.

Current Position: residence +++ The battle Area

+++ Background to the fight +++ Why did the most an effective naval pressures in the people collide at Jutland?

+++ The Admirals +++ file of the leaders of the British and also German fleets.

+++ A compare of the Fleets +++ A compare of the strengths and also weaknesses that the British cool Fleet and also the German High Seas Fleet.

+++ The battle Area +++ Map depicting the fight area the the fight of Jutland, reflecting the positions of the British grand Fleet and German High Seas Fleet in ~ 14.00 hours on 31st might 1916.

+++ The Battle activity at juckleland +++ An man movie of the Battlecruiser and also Main Fleet action as the world"s most powerful naval pressures unexpectedly collide at Jutland.

+++ Gains and also Losses +++ damages assessment of the British and also German fleets adhering to the fight of Jutland.

+++ brief Term results +++ price quotes relating to the quick term results of the fight of Jutland.

+++ lengthy Term after-effects +++ quotes relating come the much longer term consequences of the fight of Jutland.

+++ totally free eBook: battle Fleet action from HMS Neptune +++ join the look-out in the fore-top that HMS Neptune as Admiral Beatty"s battlecruisers lead the German High Seas Fleet into the massed guns of the battleships of the British grand Fleet.

+++ NEW! The Ultimate battle of Jutland source Pack +++ This unique package is crammed v exclusive diagrams, images and rare hard-to-find sources that would certainly take friend weeks to discover - also if girlfriend knew wherein to look.

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+++ photo Gallery +++ A collection of photographs displaying the ships and admirals that the British and German fleets that took component in the fight of Jutland.