General Managers and Program Directors are mindful to occupational within the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. If they fail to execute so, the terminal have the right to be charged a hefty fine, or in too much situations, shed their license to broadactors. Back in the 1960’s, the broadactors of obscene or indecent material was strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, the meaning of those words was not clearly characterized in the rules. To some extent, that’s still true now, which is why you hear “cleaned up” versions of many hit songs on the radio that are noted on iTunes with “Explicit” tags. Some human being who listen to the radio to hear the latest hits, but never actually buy the songs for themselves, may not even be conscious that these alternate versions exist. If you think Cee Lo Eco-friendly did a song called Forobtain You, or that Pink did a song dubbed Less Than Perfect, or that Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris did a song called Tonight I’m Lovin’ You, then you’re in for a shock. Go to iTunes and sample the versions of these songs that say beside them!

Over time, we seem to store pushing the envelope of what’s taken into consideration “decent” on the radio. Back in the 1960’s, lyrics that would certainly seem harmlessly innocent by today’s requirements were regularly taken into consideration too risque to play. For example, I respeak to a radio terminal in Cleveland also playing a version of Let’s Spend The Night With Each Other by the Rolling Stones that someone had actually edited to change the hook to, “Let’s spend the to-night ‘gether.” Of course, the kids all kbrand-new what the song was around. This cat-and-computer mouse game in between the FCC and the radio stations appeared a little bit silly, also ago then. But, if they didn’t carry out this, the terminal would normally gain a handful of letters of complaint. I’m sure many kind of Program Directors determined to err on the side of “much better safe than sorry.”

Offensive lyrics weren’t limited to sexual innuenexecute. Implying that drug usage was cool can likewise obtain a terminal in trouble. We’re not talking around extremes either, prefer some of today’s rap songs that openly glorify murder, rape, or drug and also alcohol abusage. Back then, the mere point out of a street drug can save a record off the air, and also off the charts. Today we’ll check out one such song and learn exactly how it was cleaned up enough to just regulate to crack the Billboard Top 40 earlier in 1973.

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Gun Hill Roadway is a street in the Bronx, New York City. In 1971, a group of musicians from New York City called Glenn Leopold, Steven Goldaffluent and Gil Roman obtained together to form a rock band. They were excellent friends via the owner of The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, Paul Colby. Using the name Gun Hill Road, they signed with Mercury Records to release an album called First Soptimal, which was developed by Jay Leer. It’s not a negative album, but it didn’t acquire a lot national attention. One single was issued from that album that featured a song referred to as 4second Street (not the one from the musical of the same name).

They readjusted their name to Gunhill Roadway to release a 2nd album on Mercury in 1972, likewise called Gunhill Road, via all songs created by Glenn Leopold. That album was created by Kenny Rogers, the garage rock hippie that turned into a Counattempt legend. The album contained a fun track called Back When My Hair Was Quick, which featured Gil Romale on lead vocals and 12-string guitar, Glenn Leopold on backing vocals and also 6-string guitar, Steven Goldwealthy on backing vocals and piano, Bill Perry on bass, and also Larry Brown on drums and percussion. The lyrics talked about just how life had advanced for teens from as soon as they thrived up in the 1950s through brief hair to end up being long-haired hippies in the 1960s who attfinished college and also took drugs, consisting of the “alphabet” variety: LSD, THC, and also STP.


The band was then picked up by Kama Sutra Records and their second album was reissued on that label. Neil Bogart, the man that ran Kama Sutra Records at the time, felt that Back When My Hair Was Short had hit potential, but just through a little bit quicker tempo and also less offensive lyrics. Neil gave the band’s brand-new producer, Kenny Kerner, some really basic instructions, “Here’s all I am going to tell you; I want it to be really bouncy and really pop.” They went into the studio, picked up the tempo simply a little bit, and cut a brand-new version of the song, together with a number of other songs on the album. A second pushing of the album was made using the updated tracks, and also a single was released for the new version of Back When My Hair Was Quick.


Here’s the original variation of Back When My Hair Was Quick by Gunhill Road on Mercury LP SR-61341 from 1972, complete via the “offensive” drug references:


Here’s the revised variation of the song that made its deyet on Billboard’s Hot 100 on 31 March 1973, remained tright here for fifteen weeks, and also peaked at #40. By June 1973, the band also would certainly be performing it on American Bandstand:

According to profession magazines at the time, Back When My Hair Was Brief had the distinct difference of hitting the optimal ten at different times in numerous different markets approximately the nation. Paul Reisch replaced lead vocalist Gil Romale in 1973.

Just after making this document, producer Kenny Kerner picked up a demo tape that Neil Bogart left exterior his office for him to evaluation. It was made by some regional kids who had been playing clubs in a band also they called Wicked Lester. The five-songs were taped at the Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village (developed by Jimi Hendrix) and also supervised by a producer Kenny knew named Eddie Kramer. Upon hearing the tape, Kenny Kerner was blvery own ameans, and the 4 males that currently dubbed themselves KISS would shortly end up being superstars. Neil Bogart released the Casablanca label in November 1973 and KISS was the first act he signed.

Neil Bogart, born Neil Bogatz on 3 February 1943 in the real estate projects in Brooklyn, passed away on 8 May 1982 at age 39 after suffering through cancer and lymphoma. He had actually tape-recorded numerous Teener records earlier in the 1960s utilizing the name Neil Scott, including this odd teenage angst tear-jerking ditty referred to as Bobby on Portrait 102 from 1961, which actually climbed to #58 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and also did a lot better in Chicago wright here it topped out at #8 on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey:

Kenny Kerner has actually continued in the music business for over four years as a producer, writer, director, publicist, magazine editor and also director of a music service regime at the Musicians Institute in his home tvery own of Hollylumber, The golden state.

Glenn Leopold ended up being a film producer working on cartoons for Hanna-Barbera. He’s been involed as writer, editor, and character creator on a number of jobs and also was nominated for an Emmy in 1994 for his occupational on The Town That Santa Forobtained.

Gil Roguy is still about and also living in California. He’s still playing bass, and did so as among dozens of musicians that have actually sat in on the strange band also referred to as The Stupeds.

Stalso Goldwealthy, who likewise plays Calliope, Harpsichord, Organ and Piano, is more than likely still energetic in the music service, yet I haven’t been able to track him down.

If you understand wbelow I deserve to get in touch with any type of of these men, or you ARE one of these men, please drop me a note. I’d love to stop with you on the phone!

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