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Bachelor in Paradise"s new arrivals room making waves. Tuesday"s illustration of the alphabet reality collection saw the come of two brand-new men who spelled problem for few of the beach"s ideal couples, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

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The women organized the power on Tuesday night, and also a young band superstar arrived to be affected by each other witness come it all. Thomas and Riley made your entrance next, through the previous angering the guys and the latter turning the women"s heads.

A building confrontation reached its breaking point and a new relationship took points to the following level, together one girl establish the male she"d to be spending time with wasn"t because that her.

Keep reading for a complete recap of episode 3 ofBachelor in Paradise.

It"s Gonna be Me

As the episode kicked off, the females were reveling in the strength of handing the end the roses, through Tammy declaring, "I kind of want to see the guys sweat a tiny bit. I kind of like once boys cry. It provides me a lot of energy."

A eight box sighting followed, and when the contestantshit play, *NSYNC"s "It"s Gonna it is in Me" began playing, prior to Lance base made his entrance together the following celebrity guest host.

"If you wanted to recognize who her next hold was gonna be, it’s gonna be me," Lance stated to laughs indigenous the crowd.

Demi said the brand-new host that she"s excited come "see the guys squirm," whileTammy admitted in a confessional, "Now the the girls have actually the roses, the boys who don’t acquire a rose are going to have to say, "Bye, Bye, Bye.""

Two new Men revolve Heads

After the excitement of Lance"s arrival settled, the men began fretting over that would be coming on the beach this week. James, Aaron and also Tre all expressed your hope that Thomas would certainly not it is in there, yet the rogue from Katie Thurston"s season ofThe Bachelorettewas indeed the beside arrive v a day card in hand.

Maurissa, Tammy and also Serena were all into Thomas at an initial glance, v the last declaring, "Someone is making out with this guy today and I’ll be OK if it’s me."

The men, though, weren"t happy. Tre admitted to emotion "hate" towards the recent arrival, if Aaron lamented Thomas" "manipulative" ways.

"If ns rearranged his jawline that would be the Lord’s work type of s**t," Aaron said a team of guys, as cutting board was seen repeatedly commentingon his height throughout his chats v women.

Aaron included that he to be "gonna f**king kill that guy," if Joe take it a more quiet approach, saying he"d be "a little upset" if Serena went on Thomas" date.

Serena did come to be Thomas" date of choice, and Joe was nice yet sad when she jokingly told him, "I expect you have actually a negative time."

While the tried to put on a solid front, Serena"s day with Thomas offered Joe déjà vu about his endure with his ex, Kendall.

"I could probably shed her today, which would certainly suck. Critical time this experience did end in a heartbreak for me. I don’t desire to have to go through that again," he said. "… It’s a sucky feeling once you see someone girlfriend really prefer go out v someone else. It’s just not a an excellent feeling. This is specifically like last time."

Thomas wasn"t the only arrival the note, together Riley do his means onto the beach next. Tayshia Adams" ex drewattention from many, yet no one more than Tahzjuan, as she admitted that he was the "entire reason" she came to Paradise.

Riley waited to traction Tahzjuan, though, rather chatting through Maurissa and also Tammy. Once Riley lastly spoke withTahzjuan, and also she didn"t hold earlier on her feelings for him, Tre called it a "nightmare scenario."

When Riley choose to asking Maurissa out over Tahzjuan, Connor to be unbothered. Tre, though, noticed Tahzjuan"s disappointment and also declared, "Oh, f**k."

Thomas Is rotate Down

As Thomas and also Serena were turn off on your date, she couldn"t prevent gushing over her attractionto him. All the while, Joe to be at the beach lamenting, "How to be I claimed to nap prefer this?"and admitting that he"d leave Paradise if Serena want to go after something v Thomas.

Thomas appeared to it is in taken through Serena, calling her "an pure gem" in between kisses on the beach. Later on on, Serena was straight with Thomas and also asked him about his reputation.

He claimed he was "taken aback" by the hatred towards him, prior to stating the Tre"s "not emotionally strong" and also that his feud through Aaron was "a riot." while Serena appeared to take it the confession well in the moment, she later revealed the drama turned her off from thomas altogether.

As Joe sat down for his post-date chat v Serena, she revealed the she told cutting board that "he should pursue other people."

"I type of figured that’s just how it would go," Joe quipped, feigning confidence. Together for the who the better kisser was, Serena assured Joe that he was.

"That’s what ns figured," he responded with a laugh.

When cutting board realized it wasn"t walking to occupational out with Serena, he to be bummed since Paradise is "a numbers game." Annoyed the his previous reputation may impede hisBiPsuccess, Thomas determined to technique Aaron, Tre and also James come apologize.

Tre graciously embraced the apology, however their cease fire to be a fleeting one after ~ Tre learned that cutting board had spoken negatively around him to Serena.

"This is walk to it is in the last conversation i intentionally have with you," Tre told Thomas. "… i wish you the best, yet that was some snake s**t.”

In a confessional, Tre described Thomas as a "human garbage bag" and also insisted that he"s "dead come me in my suffer here."

Riley and Maurissa walk to the eight Boom Room

Amid Connor"s insurance claims thathe to be "not uncomfortable or sad" around Maurissa"s date with Riley, the pair conveniently hit it turn off on your night out.

During the date, Lance led a game where they had actually to price a concern or eat a gross food item. Both Maurissa and Riley claimed they hadn"t slid into a celebrity"s DMs and claimed the they haven"t said "I love you" without definition it.

When it came time to reveal exactly how many human being they"d slept with and also tell their most embarrassing story, lock both choose to eat a gross article instead.

The connection between the pair to be palpable, and also they shared a kiss, much to Lance"s discomfort.

Things only flourished on the dinner section of their date, once both Maurissa and Riley debated a desire to gain married and also have a family. Maurissa likewise opened up around her past difficulties in relationships, revealing that she acquired 80 pounds and also "hit low lows" after ~ one connection went south.

"I can guarantee you’re beautiful now, you were beautiful then," Riley said, before Maurissa gushed in a confessional the her date was "exceeding" her expectations.

They weren"t ready to head back to the team when the night involved an end, though, and also instead decided to go to the eight boom room because that alone time, together Connor walked alone ~ above the beach.

One connection Grows as an additional Fizzles Out

Meanwhile, Tahzjuan and Tre lastly had an open conversation, v him informing her, "I’m tho interested in obtaining to recognize you. You’re the only person I’ve pursued a romantic link with."

Tahzjuan decided to put her disappointment about Riley behind her and also give Tre an additional chance. "I would like to make this work-related with Tre. Our link is there. I’m an extremely interested in him and also I desire to obtain to recognize him also more," she said, before addingthat he"s "100 percent a much better kisser 보다 his uncle."

While Tahzjuan and Tre"s link grew, Natasha was questioning her connection with Brendan due to "a lack of romantic chemistry."

Natasha described Brendan together "avoidant" and told him to his face, "We’re both simply waiting for someone else to come."

Though he told her the he was starting to like her "more and much more every day," Natasha was not convinced.

"Brendan is either the most complicated human I’ve ever met or a con artist," she said, adding that he would "definitely not" begetting her rose.

"The coast Is Imploding"

In the preview for following week"s episode, it appears as if Joe and Serena will lastly get your date, through the former grocery keep owner telling his girl, "Iam right here to uncover love through you."

Elsewhere, Connor learns the Maurissa and Riley saw the eight boom room, while his previous love intereststates, "Connor is one of the sweetest humans I have ever met, but Riley is a dream man."

Meanwhile, Demi is ready to "show everyone exactly how Paradise is done," and does that by do out through Kenny, lot to Mari"s dismay. Mari responds to gift "backstabbed" by throwing Kenny"s date of birth cake, which was given to him by Demi, into the fire.

"Suck mine a**," Demi states in response.

Jessenia"s connection with Ivan might be in trouble, too, v the arrival of a brand-new man, who declares that Ivan "should it is in scared."

As a woman declares the "the coast is imploding," Aaron and Thomas seem come ramp up your feud as soon as more.

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Connor put the events of the week best when the says, "The beach is a dumpster fire best now. No one is safe."

Bachelor in Paradisewill air 2 episodes following week, ~ above Monday, Aug. 30 and Tuesday, Aug. 31, on ABC. Check out all ofET"s coveragefor the recent drama ~ above the beach.