Faction: DronesMission type: EncounterSpace type: Normal (MWD works)Damage dealt: Exp/Therm - 2% EM, 35% Thermal, 21% Kinetic, 41% ExplosiveWeb/scramble: Elite Frigates (any Strain Alvi)Extras: NARecommended damage dealing: EM (best all-round), Thermal (secondary)Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Raven, Dominix, Abbadon, Drake, ApocalypseVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX5fQKmQii4

Single Pocket

Auto aggro from Initial Group at warp-in after several seconds.EACH ship from the Initial Group is a spawn trigger. For each ship killed, one Reinforcement Group will be spawned. These spawns may target drones/fleet members.

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Important Notes: Note the ship type pattern for the four reinforcement groups - frigates / destroyers / cruisers / battlecruisers. The ship numbers in a group will randomly vary between 2-3 for each type. The mission completion trigger from the initial group is always the closest ship after you had warped in. (This applies as long as you did not use the the warp cancel trick.) You can also visually identify the mission completion trigger ship if you zoom out your view. It forms the apex, i.e summit, of the "triangle" formed by the four initial ships. Failing to identify the trigger from the initial group, you can always keep an eye out for the Battlecruiser Reinforcement Group spawn.
Initial Group (Auto-aggro): (20-28km)4x Cruisers/Battlecruisers (Bomber Alvum)/(Defeater Alvatis) Trigger (each ship)Frigate Reinforcement Group (Auto-aggro): (23-27km)2-3x Elite Frigates (Strain Infester/Strain Splinter Alvi) Warp/Scramble2-3x Battleships (Supreme Alvus Parasite/Alvus Ruler)Destroyer Reinforcement Group (Auto-aggro): (23-27km)2-3x Destroyers (Predator Alvior/Marauder)2-3x Battleships (Supreme Alvus Parasite/Alvus Ruler)Cruiser Reinforcement Group (Auto-aggro): (23-27km)2-3x Cruiser (Nuker Alvum - Bomber Alvum) (Pre-QR in Italics)2-3x Battleships (Supreme Alvus Parasite/Alvus Ruler)Battlecruiser Reinforcement Group (Auto-aggro): (23-27km)2-3x Battlecruisers (Striker Alvatis - Siege/Defeater Alvatis) (Pre-QR in Italics)2-3x Battleships (Supreme Alvus Parasite/Alvus Ruler)Tips To manage aggro, do not kill the trigger ships all at once. Eliminate an incoming reinforcement group first, before you trigger the next group. You may warp-in at any distance : Inititate the first time warp, cancel it and then warp in at your preferred distance. The Supreme Alvus Parasite/Alvus Ruler battleships can be sniped or outrun. Their max attack distance is around 35 km, and they move very slowly. Mission is flagged completed once all ships from the Battlecruiser Reinforcement Group have been eliminated.Blitz Identify and kill the trigger ship which spawns the Battlecruiser Reinforcement Group. This is always the drone in the initial group that spawns closest to the beacon. Kill all ships in the Battlecruiser Reinforcement Group. Mining There are 2.221.119 units of Veldspar to mine.Ships detail:
OrbitMax.VelocityShield(hp)Armor(hp)Shield Resistances (%)Armor Resistances (%)DPS (hp/s)
4x Bomber Alvum17,625m450m/s16006502757473727574737-354-
3x Strain Infester Alvi1,800m900m/s1253501955443219554432-68-
12x Supreme Alvus Parasite33,750m350m/s350065004474645444746454-301248
3x Predator Alvior11,984m500m/s2756501040302010403020-175-
3x Nuker Alvum16,875m450m/s1600650295949392959493915226-
3x Striker Alvatis5,000m400m/s100020003060504030605040-1242-
28 total shipsAverages/Totals:57,40091,55039.569.559.549.541.371.361.351.345672345576
I used T2 Kin/Expl/2 Invul hardeners on a Raven with a Large SB II and one Boost Amp. Sitting at 90km away from the beacon I had to tank virtually no damage at all except the tiny bit from the remaining triggers. Even at 40km away from the beacon the setup just did fine. Easy mission for L4 beginners.
I recommend taking just EM Missiles as these definatly did the most damage.
Recommended tank fit for Abaddon : 2x Explo hardeners , 1x kin , 1x therm , 1x Em. One heat sink and a LAR.
A) Don"t pop all of the tiny drones when you warp in, or you"ll aggro everything.B) Yeah, don"t think of using explosive damage. That was just useless.
You can initialize warp, then cancel it (Ctrl + Space) and then warp in at the desired range.This works for every Encounter btw.
Blitz note: when you try to find the initial drone you need to kill for blitzing, look at the four drones and try to see how three of them form a semi-circle. The one your looking for is out of this semi-circle. In the picture above it would be the one up north. I did this mission three times and it never has been the Bomber Alvum, it"s always been one of the others (Defeater Alvatis e.g.).
Can anyone confirm that the "mission trigger is the closest drone" at warp-in? It typically sits about 20km, while the others are at 24-27km. I"m farming this mission (for a few days) to confirm, but it"ll be nice if anyone else can post a note on it. The original visual method is a little unwieldy, imo.
Yes SturmWolke, was the same for me everytime as well
I found the triggers to be random. A couple of times it even triggered on the small ships from the reinforcement spawn.
Great zydrine income from this one: 21 condensed alloy, 16 crystal compound, 23 dark compound, 88 gleaming alloy, 151 glossy compound, 69 lucent compound, 291 lustering alloy, 355 motley compound, 34 opulent compound, 203 plush compound!, 102 precious alloy, 66 sheen compound.
what good is "All Types"? Get rid of it - I"d rather have no help at all.

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You can look up the damage types yourself at http://npc.elfarto.com/index.phpSupreme Alvus Parasite 90hp/sEM: 0hp/s, Expl: 30hp/s, Kin: 12hp/s, Therm: 48hp/sAlvus Ruler 128.73hp/sEM: 24hp/s, Expl: 32.73hp/s, Kin: 48hp/s, Therm: 24hp/sSiege Alvatis 57hp/sEM: 0hp/s, Expl: 25hp/s, Kin: 6.40hp/s, Therm: 25.60hp/sDefeater Alvatis 48.59hp/sEM: 0hp/s, Expl: 31.09hp/s, Kin: 17.50hp/s, Therm: 0hp/sBomber Alvum 39.80hp/sEM: 0hp/s, Expl: 35.40hp/s, Kin: 4.40hp/s, Therm: 0hp/s
59 Veldspar roids - 2,221,119 Units1 Scordite Roid - 49,119 Units
Alvus Rulers are no longer slow - speed varies form 180 to 260 m/s (most of the time the higher speed)
Confirming that the nearest initial cruiser is the blitz spawn. Took maybe 10 minutes in a passive tank Drake and never went below 90% shields (1 Photon, 2 Invuln, 3 LSE, 2 SPR).