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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood transaction one-way
AugustBest time to beat the crowds through an mean 28% autumn in price.

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DecemberMost popular time to fly v an average 36% boost in price.
$395(avg. Price end the critical 2 weeks)
$292or less
$157or less

Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users uncovered flights ~ above this course for $157 or less one-way and $292 or much less round-trip.The cheapest flight from Atlanta to san José was uncovered 21 days prior to departure, top top average.Book at the very least 1 week prior to departure in bespeak to get a below-average price. High season is taken into consideration to it is in November, December and also January. The cheapest month to fly is August.Morning leave is about 93% much more expensive 보다 an night flight, on average*.*Average the the lowest prices displayed in’s search results for departures in ~ the following 30 days

FAQs because that booking flights indigenous Atlanta to mountain José

Which airlines have actually a flexible cancellation plan for flights native Atlanta to san José because of COVID-19?
KLM and also Delta have actually all waived their adjust and cancellation fees ~ above flights indigenous Atlanta to san José. Confirm plans on booking site.

Can ns fly to san José without having to quarantine ~ above arrival?
Visitors from Atlanta are not required to quarantine ~ entering san José.

Do I must take a coronavirus (Covid-19) test before flying to san José?
Visitors native Atlanta room not compelled to current a an adverse COVID-19 PCR check or antigen result upon entering mountain José.

What documents do I must fly to mountain José?
Epidemiological health and wellness Pass FormThe health Pass can only be completed in ~ 72 hours of arriving in the country. One kind must be completed per person, including minors, there is no exception.Health InsuranceTourists may get an insurance from Costa Rican insurance providers that are registered and also authorized through the general Superintendence of insurance of Costa Rica.

What other coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are over there in mountain José?
Required on public transportation.Restaurants: OpenBars: Open

How lengthy does a flight from Atlanta to san José take?
The median nonstop trip takes 7h 15m, spanning a distance of 1634 miles.

How many flights are there between Atlanta and also San José?
2 straight flights run in between Atlanta and San José ~ above a day-to-day basis. Top top average, over there are around 14 departures each week.

Do I need a passport come fly between Atlanta and San José?
Yes, you"ll many likely have actually to show a precious passport before boarding the plane in Atlanta and on arrival in san José.

What’s the cheapest day of the main to fly from Atlanta to mountain José?
If her flying days are flexible, you should take into consideration flying to san José ~ above a Wednesday, together we generally discover the cheapest rates on the day because that this route. Top top the various other hand, Sunday is the many expensive work to fly from Atlanta to san José. For her return ticket, we recommend flying on a Friday and avoiding Wednesdays because that the ideal deals.

Which airports will certainly I it is in using when flying from Atlanta to mountain José?
When flying out of Atlanta you will be using Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. You will be landing at mountain José, additionally known as mountain José Juan Santamaria Intl.

How go discover such low prices on flights native Atlanta to san José? is a take trip search engine. That means we look throughout the net to find the best prices we can uncover for ours users. With over 2 billion flight queries handle yearly, we space able to screen a variety of prices and alternatives on flights from Atlanta to san José.

How does's flight Price estimate tool help me pick the appropriate time to buy my flight ticket indigenous Atlanta to mountain José?’s flight Price projection tool uses historic data to determine whether the price because that a flight to san José indigenous Atlanta is most likely to readjust within 7 days, so travelers recognize whether to wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights native Atlanta to san José?
Hacker Fares enable you to integrate one-way ticket in order to save you money end a classic round-trip ticket. You could then paris to san José with an airline and back to Atlanta with an additional airline.

What is's "flexible dates" feature and also why must I care when in search of a trip from Atlanta to mountain José?
Sometimes travel dates aren"t set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have part wiggle room, flexible dates will present you every the alternatives when flying to mountain José from Atlanta as much as 3 job before/after your wanted dates. You can then choose the flights that suit friend best.

Top 4 airline serving Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to mountain José Juan Santamaria Intl

Scores according to client reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 29832 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: Wouldn't let united state on the trip when there to be plenty that time to gain there. Manager was arrogant and also slow - didn't care. Negative policies at the airport.

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Cons: Wouldn't let united state on the trip when there was plenty that time to get there. Manager was arrogant and also slow - didn't care. Bad policies at that airport.

Cons: i was really surprised that economy seats were not blocked turn off for COVID. They space tight sufficient as that is and I offered SkyMiles to update my seat and sat in a seat that was no various from economy and sat alongside someone as well.

Pros: the i had the ability to watch movies, snacks were detailed and waterCons: nothing really!

Cons: whatever was great

Pros: My favorite airline to take trip from Denver come Puerto Rico, round trip, and also in Atlanta I will make the stopover, I likewise feel so much safer to travel v my cat ... They room the finest airline in everythingCons: Let people who travel with pets knife extra point out for acquisition them through Delta

Cons: broken tray table literally turn off its hinges and unusable.

Cons: No social distancing at every while boarding and also exiting the aircraft you must keeplpeople in their seats !!! i love her airline although ns usually just pick the finest deal yet it’s always a pleasure once that option is likewise delta

Pros: client serviceCons: If to be cheaper to confirm baggage

Pros: The flight was top top timeCons: as well crowded

Pros: delay with boarding

Cons: No ear plugs offered and also my iphone jack no fit.

Pros: The crew walk a mediocre job of maintaining us informed as to the hold-up of takeoff.Cons: There to be some kind of mechanically or electric problem that delayed our flight by 30 minute or so, i beg your pardon is unwelcome because that a flight that late at night.

Pros: The sanitizing that the aircraft was past expectations. The an individual wipes to be a plus therefore we might clean the areas about our seats to ours satisfaction. The separation, personal, instance snack bags are a an excellent idea to minimization handling.

Pros: trip was smooth and also amazingCons: Nothing

Pros: The pilot preserved us updated.

Cons: Nothing all excellent

Pros: NothingCons: see previous

Pros: Crew amazing, chair not also comfyCons: sit uncomfortable

Pros: Crew was night seat sucked plane was cramped

Cons: mine sister’s confirm in luggage was in negative shape when we obtained it in Albany. Us noticed an external compartment was unzipped. So we confirm to watch if something was lacking and a souvenir indigenous Mexico was gone. Then we realized a zipper was lacking from the luggage and also then decided to examine all the other compartments and also realized her bag that jewelry to be gone. The woman at baggage solutions in Albany told united state Delta is no responsible for lost belongings. Likewise tried come tell us theft is no an issue due to the fact that there room cameras everywhere. Fine you are telling someone the is lacking a bag the jewelry the theft is no a problem. Also, there may be cameras everywhere however I doubt anyone is walking to testimonial those cameras to watch what happened. Ns will never fly Delta again.

Cons: I had a trip with a connection beginning at 6 afternoon on a Monday. In ~ 5 to be the job of the trip I received notice that the first flight would be delayed, making link impossible, ns was triggered to select an additional flight to come to my destination. I chose a flight with a link staring at 7 PM. Upon getting on the first flight we began to prepare because that takeoff. After around 30 minute the pilot informed us the we would certainly be delayed 40 minutes due to the fact that we had actually nowhere come land in ~ my connection airport. Ns realized at that point that I would certainly possibly miss out on my connection, i beg your pardon was reserved at 10:20 PM. However, i did arrive at the connection airport approximately 9:40 afternoon which would have given just enough time to come at the connection gate. Unfortunately, upon arrival to the link airport the pilot educated us that us would have actually no door to de-board the plane. The pilot proclaimed that all relations "were mindful of our delay" and also gave united state the entrances for every connection. I acquired off the aircraft at 10:15 PM and ran to my connection gate showing up exactly in ~ 10:20. The gate attendants notified me the my flight had left, my bags to be on the method to my location city and that ns would should spend the night in the connection city. The attendants, showed up disinterested and also impolite yet upon prompting noted us v a hotel voucher because that the night. The next day we arrived at the airplane 2 hours before boarding and waited in ~ the gate. Once it was near the time for exit we were informed that the airplane had been downgraded and requests were made for some to offer up your seats for a later trip or examine carryon bags to make room for various other passengers. While part lined up to offer up their seats and also bags, those who made decision to stay on the original flight were required to wait before boarding the plane. We were then told that us would have to wait until the pilot and crew arrived prior to boarding. Scheduled leave time to be 5:46 PM yet the time gained pushed back until us boarded around 6:30, exit was rescheduled to 6:50 PM. Us boarded the plane and waited because that departure yet a few minutes later the pilot notified us that "he just obtained here" and that there were mechanical difficulties that would cause further delay. After an hour we were educated that the plane was no able to fly and instructed to go to one more gate for an additional plane. Exit time gained rescheduled to 8:30 PM. The plane departed ~ 9 PM and arrived in ~ 10:30 PM for a 5:46 PM scheduled departure.

Cons: A lot of turbulence

Pros: Crew to be excellent, seat are never excellent

Pros: The crew was awesome. The entertain was good with a huge choice of movies. The food was really good.Cons: Boarding was delayed while wait for Delta agents come come and assist world off that the plane.

Cons: Let to be a common flight. About all you can hope because that is that it is top top time. That renders it excellent.

Cons: an excellent flight. Top top time and also friendly staff.

Pros: exceptional crew, ~ above time, kind coffee, lot of of drinksCons: The drink cart was a small slow...

Cons: had to collect & re inspect luggage between flights. Couldn't they have been moved to the next aircraft?

Pros: The crew was excellentCons: We had mechanical problems and also had come come back to Atlanta, gain off our plane and acquire on an additional one

Pros: Food to be decent and crew were nice enoughCons: Seat room was little and cramped. Entertainment was poor unfortunately

Cons: we started the boarding procedure late, which have the right to be understandable, although the airplane was over there pretty early. Once the boarding began, someone, i presume the gate agent, basically gave a countdown come hhow plenty of minutes were left till the flight can have an "on time departure". Ns travel virtually every week therefore I value being top top time. However, a minute through minute call to hurry increase on a flight that was sold out was over the top. There to be mumbling amongst the passengers, come the suggest of someone joking "Free cookies and water if us make the on time?" simply a bad gate experience, but bad enough that peopoe to be commenting, and also I waited because that someone native the cockpit to del\part so i could mention it come them.

Pros: I like that I was able to request a home window seat and was obliged to get one more one.Cons: My flight was cancelled and I had actually anxiety around being at my destinations ~ above time because I had to travel another hour far without learning if mine ride would be able to wait for me. However, i was booked ~ above another plane that wasn't damaged which got me over there on time,but as soon as I come my luggage to be no whereby to be found. Ns was promised my luggage ~ above the very same day,but ns didn't obtain it until 11:30pm that night native a 2:40pm flight. I had to go out and also spend money on toiletries,night wear and my medicine since of not having my luggage. Just totally disgusted by the overall experience and wouldn't wish it ~ above anyone.

Pros: effective boarding

Pros: Nice equipment for the ride and pleasant staff

Pros: i flew top top a simple economy fare (I know the restrictions) and was seated in economic situation Comfort +, so that was appreciated.Cons: I could see on the paris Delta application that I had actually been put in seat 10B, but neither the app nor my boarding pass provided me a team to plank with, so i assumed that I necessary to plank with group 3, which required gate-checking mine rollerboard bag. Only once I approached the gate to plank did I notice on the info display screen that I had been "upgraded" to lull + and also granted boarding v the sky Priority group. Ns wish this had actually been clearer so I could have avoided wait to board and also gate-checking my bag. Young inconvenience however room for advancement on Delta's part.

Pros: The crew went the end of their way to make sure they gained the plane ready as quickly as feasible and gain us to Jacksonville as quickly as possible.Cons: Delta lost the aircraft for end an hour. After already spending 10 hrs in ATL since of an earlier hold-up due to human error ns was exceptionally disappointed in Delta that my flight out of Atlanta to be delayed by an hour because they shed the plane and couldn’t uncover it or the van to carry it to the gate. This type of error top top Xmas eve is embarrassing. Delta didn’t execute anything because that the passengers affected by this. Ns was dumbstruck through the apathy that the Delta employees at the door (the exception was the trip crew, that tried to obtain the aircraft there earlier). Since Delta did nothing however make error after ~ error ns arrived at home 11 hrs later 보다 my original flight was booked for on Christmas Eve, missing Christmas night Services and family traditions. Once I require to get somewhere ~ above time I’ll never rely top top Delta ~ this experience.

Pros: Quick and also easy boarding. Fast flightCons: Audio entertainment quite limited

Cons: I has nothing to execute with the flight it self! The original fight was cancelled native Minneapolis to Atlanta (with no notice) I found this the end by calling!! ns was told a check of a new flight to be going to it is in email as soon as the request from the support had been authorized (the email confirmation was never received). I was also instructed multiple time to not present at the airport uneven I had actually receive the confirmation. I was up most of the night wait for this confirmation that never came!! i received an e-mail this morning letting me know the fight from ALT come Mexico had been delay!! once I opened up it to see the itinerary it confirmed she had actually been booked for the am fight at 6:30 am! after spending another hour and also 35 minute on the phone your support team might not discover a fight till Dec.21!! no to mention the accepted they had troubles with their email system and phones, but asked why didn't ns called,mmm i was ~ above the phone for the third time!!!! ns am very, really disappointed!! no a discount was market or a fight the following day even when i was checking an flights were available!!! here is the other part,,Rosa came all the method from Mexico to treatment for her ill sister for the critical 2 1/2 months, every she asked to be to have the ability to be back home for the holidays!! her team insisted ~ above scheduling a trip for following week or a full refund!! This was not a money matter!! It's about getting some one residence for the Holidays who has helped a ill person throughout the most delicate time in she life!!

Pros: staff were friendly and worked hard.Cons: Seats were very straightforward and not as an excellent as the low price carrier I usually fly the end of the UK. An extremely old and noisy aircraft. Seemed tiny control over just how much hand luggage passengers to be bringing top top the aircraft.

Pros: totally free WiFi

Pros: more seat room than intended for economic situation tickets. Great service, ~ above time, polite staffCons: Duty free purchases not waiting for united state at boarding like usual. Audio selection on entertainment was v poor

Pros: The Delta civilization were solicitous, efficient and also brilliant the whole method through. We had actually not a little bit of trouble. Our first class seats were comfortable, however with the supplied blanket, pillow and poor air conditioning it to be a hot flight. The cabin personnel were wonderful as per usual, and my tasty gin and tonic soothed any discontent. I wish I could fly this way all the time!Cons: The private contractor dealing with wheelchair assistance was terrible. A Delta employee theorized that they do not pay enough to attract and retain personnel. Ours pre-arranged chair was no there, multiple phone call by our Delta assistant finally got us a ride come the chair stop area, yet after about 45 minutes we provided up and shuffled turn off to the security area top top foot. Give thanks to goodness my hubby is mobile enough for the to have been an option. When we abandoned our wait we were still fourth in line for an attendant to press the chair. If Delta has any type of responsibility in this it would certainly be in the retention and also compensation for the exclusive contractor.

Pros: Nothing.Cons: airplane was supposed to depart in ~ 9:09pm. An announcement was made the in Atlanta which is Delta hub, there to be no trip attendants because that the flight so we had actually to wait for one more crew to fly in. That's just unporfessiknal. To make matters worse, the gate agents didn't make announcements also if simply to say we understand this isn't great and we will update you asap even if just to tell you we space still wait on word. Full silence and also seeing the gate agents laugh and also talk amongst each other was pretty bad.

Cons: My trip from ATL to BWI to be horrible. It was not a Delta plane. Possibly borrowed from SpiritAirlines, i beg your pardon is one airline i will never fly again even if available a totally free flight. That's exactly how strongly i feel about their planes and also service. Ns was sit in a 2across row whereby the seat were small and mine knees were jammed into the chair in former of me the whole flight. I'll grant you ns am a huge girl in ~ 6' 250 but the first leg the my flight from FLL to ATL which to be on a Delta plane, to be fine. Ns did no feel smashed right into the seat. For the money, ns feel favor I to be due much more than gift locked into the seat unable to move an ext than 1/2 customs for whole flight. Very sewing the flight was under 2 hours.

Cons: whatever that might have unable to do wrong v my flights, go wrong. ~ above my method from LA come Raleigh (through Atlanta), i was affected by the weather problems at Atlanta. I recognize that the weather is beyond Delta's limit of control, yet customer organization is not. I had actually to wait in heat at LAX because that 8 hours to also get information on what had actually happened, and also what services were available. The customer organization call facility was collapsed, and also at the plane counters at one suggest there was just ONE DELTA REPRESENTATIVE serving a line of more than 100 uncomfortable customers. This IS Delta's fault, and it is unacceptable. This certainly was under Delta's control, however in stimulate to save a few dollars in overtime for emergency employee Delta was willing come let the customers make terribly lengthy lines, miss out on their flights, their connections and also consequently their commitments. That is disappointing to observe how Delta believes that a couple of dollars saved on extra staff and also emergency measures have the right to offset the irreparable long term damage to its organization due to upset customers. My means back indigenous Raleigh come Los Angeles was likewise a disaster. Without any kind of explanation and also nothing more than an e-mail announcing the change, the nonstop trip I purchase was replaced by a 1-stop flight with connection in Atlanta. This was no THE PRODUCT ns PURCHASED. There is a reason I paid a premium for a non-saw flight, and Delta did not hesitate in giving me through a less valuable product without any explanation or refund. Delta prioritizes its operational metrics - one obsession to fill and also overbook its volume - over its customers' experience, one again under the foolish id that short term save in any means offset the long term damage of disappointed and also alienated customers. I will never FLY DELTA AGAIN. I will do everything I deserve to to transmit my endure to everyone i know. At a time where significant airline carriers space in the spotlight due to abusive methods (i.e. The joined passenger case), i still find hope in understanding that alternatives such as Southwest still put their customers first, end the ethereal benefits the a few-dollar save in operational expenses can provide.

Pros: MoviesCons: satellite in Delta Comfort and a faithful Delta flier, except had the poor fortune of acquisition off at 830 ATL time and also apparently Delta doesn't discover it essential or a an excellent idea to market food after that time. The reasonable behind this is past me. I'm willing to salary $9 because that a couple of cheese slice and crackers or a sandwich however they don't sell anything, not also to very first class which would really irritate me had actually I paid 1000 bucks. Ontop of the the crew i beg your pardon is typically excellent, to be feisty and also rude and also wanted nothing to do with your job

Pros: terrific service and also on-timeCons: baggage charge

Pros: Clean plane, an excellent service. ~ above time departure, early on arrival.Cons: ns did not prefer the method the airplane was boarded- civilization could not obtain into your seats because others blocked the aisles - for this reason chaotic. Passengers were no being rude to one another, the was merely that the procedure is poor. Could the zones rather reflect both place of seat and also area of plane, so the those with home window seats in ~ the earlier board first, then center seats, climate aisle? That method if aisle seats to fill first, seated civilization are no stepping back into the aisle come accommodate rather needing to acquire a seat in that row, while everyone on the gang means must wait for the aisle to clear.

Pros: length of flight was good, among the trip attendants was very niceCons: flight attendant arguing and also having words through a passenger before the flight even took off was really alarming, the attendant had actually walked previous the seat, we experienced her confront change, she halted and walked earlier to the passenger and also a really heated and negative exchange ensued, then one more flight attendant come out and threatened come evict the passenger native the flight, this was before the flight also took location .... All passengers were like just remove them currently ... T his is a brief flight and also most of use were connecting indigenous a long flight from abroad ....

Cons: Delta trip #1494 On mine return flight, I had actually to pay for a 2nd ticket come fly out early since Delta to be cancelling flights to the south and I didn’t desire to obtain stuck in Philadelphia. When the airplane arrived because that a layover in Atlanta, there was a flight going on from the first 2 civilization waiting come deplane. In mine distraction and fear, i left my water bottle next to my seat. When I realized the I had left it, i went back to the gate and told the gate attendant the my bottle was alongside my seat. She would not call down come the plane, nor walk down, and told me I had to wait until the entire flight had boarded. I defined that mine connecting flight was boarding throughout the airport. The party was expensive and had good sentimental value. A pair times, i tried to ask world boarding the flight if they would tell a trip attendant come retrieve mine bottle. The door attendant said the boarding passenger to ignore me. When the trip had fully boarded, the gate attendant went under to the plane only to go back to me to tell me the the flight attendant(s) enabled the cleaning crew to take it the bottle. The door attendant called the cleaning service and then she said me the the party was wait at the tower and that I might ask in ~ my next gate to have the bottle yielded to that gate. Since my connecting flight had currently started boarding I had to run/train it across the plane to arrive at the gate. When I said the 2nd gate attendant, the story and also asked that to contact the tower to gain my bottle, the told me the “wasn’t a thing” and also that the first gate attendant lied come me. I had actually to board since they were getting ready to close the plane. This occurrence was compounded to many unpleasant experiences I’ve had actually with Delta over the past couple of years (losing my luggage and also lying around it, damaging mine suitcase, etc., etc.). Ns don’t understand how you can proceed to be successful as one airline when you operation your procedure the way Delta does.

Pros: Nothing, was reserved to depart at 10AM, is 3 PM and no info whatsoever.Cons: taking ownership of the problem by the staff at the counter.

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Pros: good services

Pros: Non protect against flight. Excellent exit time.

Cons: knowledge the COVID situation however they can give more than a party of water (3oz) and also a bag that pretzels