It seems pretty intresting. I've checked out a couple of scenes indigenous the game and it looks choose it has deecent fear elements. It's intresting they go the tank managed survival horror course with the game due to the fact that Athena is claimed to be a an ext upbeat character, taking the steryotypical "Magical Girl/Idol" function commonly viewed in animes. As for the gameplay, it appears to be mainly an adventure game with a survival horror interface, v light rythym game and also RPG gameplay.

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Is the video game fun? Is the story good? and does it do anything memorable with it's horror elements? This is just one of the numerous games that deserves a pan translation badly, but once someone translates it I will certainly play that immediately.


Ive played the video game on my PSP. It's ok, there is a tie in live action series based on the game. Friend can find the first 5 illustration on YouTube. Here is illustration 1

I have it on PS3 and also PSP. Ns think it could still it is in on PS3 Japan PSN Store. Its not really a fear game. The does have really boring endings, however its much more of a miracle girl adventure/investigation game. Ns played with disc 1 and there is NO combat in ~ all. That does have one the the ultimate girl bathrooms, though.

on disc 2, over there are human being stuck in the bathroom and there are many areas and there are crucial items, but due come language obstacle I dont have actually the patience to figure it out. It really is front of that is time though, should gain ports. The movement and prerendered backgrounds space kinda choose Resident Evil, the CG is great, Athena alters clothes based on the situation/scenario, exciting style. However yea i think SNK most likely doesn't treatment much for it reason people acquire bored easily, to add the canon finishing still pipeline a poor taste ~ going with the problem of playing through it all. Then again, TLOU2 marketed millions despite having among the worst endings ever.

Athena AFTOL does deserve to be ported to present consoles and PC, though. It could be a sleeper hit. Its graphics puts most indie developers games to shame. It is also one the the instances of hard working developers that have actually 3D protagonist version with beautiful lengthy hair. Many lazy devs just make 3D models have brief hair or tied up hair. However Athena reflects that lengthy hair deserve to look right in 3D even with PS1 graphic (Tomb Raider's Lara didn't have her long braid in a dig Raider video game until the sequel. In TR1, they reduced it really brief ingame and also it looked weird).

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I seen videos the the battles, they it seems to be ~ interesting. In its entirety storytelling aside, that is a technological feat just how they created the game. Though yea without discovering the language, lot of its think and definition is not noticed.