Is it just me or walk mega provide everyone error messages that you need an account? Tried come restart mine router to get a brand-new ip and also it still reflects up this way. Or is it perhaps the jdownloader itself the is bugging the heck out?Edit: Looks prefer it works v their ugly snyc application and cost-free account on my desktop. Need to make sure to remove this thing after i am done..

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Thank you for making me maybe to find this video game again, yet im having troubles running it, making use of windows 7 at first it speak me the can discover the d3d9 dll so ns downloaded the zip paper from the forum and also pasted that in the ag3 folder, but now it gives me this error rather (program cant start since api-ms-win-core-registry-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer) Please aid me

You"re welcome

So I"m guessing there"s no means to get it come run appropriately on home windows 10 yet? I"ve inserted all the d3d9 alts and also whatever and also it just closes shortly after the black now loading screen goes up.
Unfortunately, the still didn"t execute anything. That really just closes ideal after the currently Loading ScreenI think I have a DMP record though indigenous the crash if anyone knows how to analysis these things.
I simply wish ns knew just how to do uploads. Ns just got the copy of AG3+ and also loving it. I solved my lag difficulty by utilizing the exact same dll records I downloaded because that Rapelay, that was having the same issue. Haven"t had a hickup since.
Here is the recent subtitles for the video game most dialogue translated. Place right into the subtitles folder. I included a couple of lines ns knew however it is still no complete.
So, I had a crashing/lagging concern even after ~ wading with all the dll"s, and also fixes I might find. Uncovered the systems on a YouTube comment of all places. User KoD83 spicy me come a software dubbed dgVoodoo. Apparently used to emulate old Gpus? It"s a WIP program, for this reason there"s;dr is gain the "dgVoodoo WIP60_1" from your download section, obtain the d3d9 from MS/x86 folder. X86 operated for me for part reason and not the x64. Rename it to d3d9_alt to preserve the below mod functionality and move that to wherein the exe"s are. Through that you should be golden. Small caveat though, there"s one obnoxious watermark ~ above the bottom right. For that you need to watch a video on exactly how to configure dgVoodoo. It"s a pretty simple program, with it girlfriend can also get force AG3 to 1920x1080.
. Most of it is my work, plus a copy of the apparel compilation and also some rescued records that I"d had when HF crashed one of it"s plenty of times. Be mindful if you grab that clothes compilation, it was a complete mess to shot to sort through.

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Is it possible to fix the lag problem in 2019 without having actually to emulate a home windows 7 setting or jump through any kind of crazy hoops? I saw some human being saying the dll fix thing didn’t job-related anymore. is an adult ar where friend can discover tons of great adult games and also comics, make new friends, get involved in energetic discussions and more!