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Now v organization!The arcane compendium is pretty clean on just how to create spells, but it is not always clear ~ above what spells in reality do and also how to put them together. I have not been able to find a decent overview to spellmaking so I"m making one. Here we have actually a perform of useful and interesting spells that will serve as instances for her own.This is based upon the 1.1.2b variation of Ars Magica 2 from the TPPI v 2.3 fill by Mithion.Every spell is composed of shapes complied with by materials followed through modifiers.Utility>Projectile | LightCreates one inconspicuous violet sparkly light the hangs in the air. This is a little bit dim unless actors at at least fifty percent moon (press c through default) however you will use it constantly while mining and for bright up remote ceilings, and consistent use equates to easy leveling.>Self | magnificent InterventionEver forget your linking book? actors once for poor man"s /home. Actors twice because that /spawn.>Projectile | ForgeConverts sand to glass, cobble to smoothstone, wood to charcoal that instantly shows up at her location, and live villagers to emeralds. Go forth and also destroy the village!>Projectile | create waterExactly what it claims on the tin, create a water source block in ~ the target. Functions in the nether too. Experiment trying various ways to integrate this with freeze impacts to develop a cryogenic conservation spell were never ever quite satisfying.>AoE | FreezeFreezes nearby water, including flowing blocks. Gives you a nice platform in the ocean and also lets you turn waterfalls into bizarre ice sculptures.>Zone | duration | term | expression | AoE | grow plants | Harvest plantsCreator: CaseyRobinsonCreates a zone the constantly uses a bonemeal-like impact to the ground and harvests the results. This will produce blue orchids, tamra root, and also desert novas if actors in the desert. Lasts a lengthy time.>Projectile | AoE | PlowI might have made a hoe, however I didn"t. Comfortable for once you have to make a large field ready.>Projectile | AoE | CharmCauses breed cub orgies together if they"d all been fed your favorite food, and turns opponent NPCs to your side.Movement>Projectile | mark | self | RecallCreator: aloy99Fires a projectile that marks a location, climate recalls girlfriend to that spot. This is usually a wizard"s enderpearl. You may want to add range and velocity added modifiers after mark. Ns am no responsible for cases of activity sickness, suffocation, pizzaification or other unfortunate accidents.>Beam | variety | range | variety | mark | self | RecallClouds and treetops are convenient targets because that this prompt long-range grappling hook because you won"t suffocate if you land within them. That is still an extremely cheap. I discover beam spells unreliable though.>Projectile | note | Piercing | self | RecallPiercing lets you location the note spell underground or within a wall on purpose. Girlfriend teleport through solid blocks and effectively swim v land if girlfriend spam it, yet you take suffocation damage.>Self | Haste | Leap | Slowfall | gravity | duration | term | DurationCreator: duaiwe that RedditThis is crucial part of your 3D maneuvering gear. Try making a to run jump or utilizing it to acquire on peak of a tree for this reason you have the right to use the grappling hook spell. The heaviness component renders you autumn slightly much faster so you spend less time grounding in midair.In mix with one of two people of the grappling spells above and longfall boots you"ll be prepared to hit a Titan in no time.By the way, slowfall is bugged and if you"ve been in the air a while and then touch the soil an immediate after the buff runs the end it is the same damages as a loss from cloud level through no buffs.>Self | FlingIt took me a if to figure out how to perform this one right. Casting it just once does virtually nothing but also costs alongside nothing. The faster you spam it, the an ext efficient the is. You will be introduced high up into the air wherein you deserve to deploy an Extra Utilities cave glider or grapple a cloud. Likewise gets girlfriend unstuck from clouds.>Self | Haste | swim SpeedCreator: duaiwe the RedditAdd night vision and water breathing because that the complete experience. This one lets you get about underwater better.>Self | trip | duration | term | DurationYou really want to actors this on in ~ least fifty percent moon. Smooth, creative-mode flight at a heftier mana price. Press space twice to use. Levitate is similar but slow and not usually worth the trouble.>Contingency: fall | self | SlowfallArs Magica 2"s version of a parachute. Longfall boots offer higher survival rates and also there are much better uses because that the single contingency you deserve to have active at once.Mining>Touch | DigInstantly digs the block in front of you. Crescent moon can break any kind of block a rock pick can, and also full moon deserve to break any block a diamond choose can.>Channel | DigAn advanced version that the above, creates a quick invisible mining beam that quickly slices v dirt and also stone. Requires less rapid clicking.>Projectile | AoE | DigWhen cast at crescent moon the will provide a poor man"s tinker"s construct hammer the digs a 3x3, 5x5 at fifty percent moon, and also 7x7 at full moon.>Zone | Projectile | DigHere we have actually some deep magic. This creates a zone that causes you to involuntarily spam projectile destruction spells, and also the results of many zones room stackable. Basically, spam this combo until out the mana and also then part a mountain in fifty percent with one exploity uncontrollable miracle mining gatling gun. The exact same principle works on damages spells...>Projectile | ar | heaviness | duration | duration | expression | AoE | DigCreator: ExadiFar, far faster than a typical quarry and an extremely cheap come cast, this digs a huge square hole right down to radical or until it access time a fluid. Careful where you actors this together it can quickly eat her base.>Projectile | Piercing | Piercing | Piercing | AoE | DigThis is a revolutionary mining technology brought on by the community"s enhanced understanding of order grammar. Carves a 3x3x7 hole. Kind of uneven once fired on a diagonal.Defense>Self | cure | RegenerationHeals friend up and gives girlfriend a regen effect. This will most likely be one of your an initial spells.>Self | DispelRemoves unwanted standing effects, like cave spider bites but also night vision if friend accidentally applied it in a certain dimension.>Self | rejuvenation | Shield | term | duration | DurationYou"ll shrug off many kinds the damage and also heal constantly.>Projectile | heal | RegenerationAllows you come heal hurt livestock and also friends. The heal component go mild damages to undead.>Projectile | DispelHeals the sick, disempowers the evil.>Contingency: wellness | me | heal | health | wellness | HealthContingency spells do stuff take place when their conditions are met. Contingency: health triggers once you space down to around two hearts. You will then be cure up earlier to practically full. The health runes make the healing effect much stronger, and come after ~ the ingredient they"re modifying.>Contingency: damages | AoE | blind | Disarm | Entangle | SummonWarfare in FTB is often kind that fast-paced. This is an automated opener. As shortly as you are damaged by anything (fall, cactus, griefer) you will certainly inflict crippling debuffs top top everything nearby and summon minions of your selection to help beat them to death. Don"t usage minions that carry weapons choose skeletons or they get disarmed too.>Contingency: health | me | magnificent Intervention | heal | regeneration | DispelThis is a order to make you a semi-immortal coward. If your health and wellness is critically short you heal, teleport to her bed or spawn, start regenerating, and dispel unwanted status impacts like poisons. It won"t protect you from prompt kills and also radiation results cannot it is in dispelled. Keep in mind that Contingency: fatality is unreliable except for revenge spells.Offense>Projectile | DisarmYour basic expelliarmus. This causes the targeted player or NPC to drop what they"re holding, and additionally works on skeletons, zombies and also zombie pigmen. Dark mages drop none affinity tomes. Disarm is a good early target for self-defense due to the fact that of its place in the talent tree and also overwhelming effectiveness versus other players.>Projectile | Mark and also >Projectile | RecallA negative man"s portal gun. Mark a spot v one spell, and also then send adversaries to that spot with recall. Handy for getting things into a dark nexus. Prices tons of mana throughout dimensions.>Projectile | irradiate | note | Piercing | Piercing | PiercingPut your adversaries six blocks under by shoot this directly down and then hitting them with a different recall spell. If that is an NPC lock suffocate and their items pop as much as the surface and if it is a player they more than likely escape yet take some suffocation damage. The floating ball of irradiate serves as a grave marker so you remember where you buried them.>Projectile | dig | Ignition | Piercing | Piercing | PiercingThis assignment does have actually legitimate uses in specific high-level dungeons whereby a block breaking spell that can shoot holes through walls and ignite multiple points is actually a sane and rational part of your casting bar. It passes through 7 blocks, trying to dig every one of them and also ignite their neighbors. It will proceed to pass v and shot to reach internal blocks also if the external blocks room indestructible.>Projectile | Watery graveThe compedium was a bit vague ~ above this component. It provides the target unable to to rise in water and sinks them around 40 block down. Zombies drown if the water is deep enough, however a player can just proper escape. This is sort of useless ~ above land yet could be a hilarious and deadly prank if an unified with a remind spell set to the middle of the ocean.>Projectile | tempt | IgnitionThe pulling impact of entice isn"t strong, but if actors on the soil it creates a fire the draws surrounding enemies into it for really low mana cost.>Projectile | zone | AoE | Fire DamageCreates a zone of deadly burning fog. Region spells produce a spot whereby a spell is repeatedly cast. For fun, add Ignition after ~ fire damage.>Rune | AoE | Lightning DamageCreates a basic shock rune close come you that damages the an initial thing stupid enough to step on it and anything nearby. This doesn"t really job-related unless cast on in ~ least fifty percent moon and can"t be cast directly on a monster. Oh, and also the rune it creates replaces a block if it strikes it from the side. Any block, even bedrock, can be deleted if it deserve to be assaulted from the side. Like numerous other spells this has griefing potential; ns would fairly you didn"t usage my development to it is in a dick.>Projectile | SummonYou should throw in a filled phylacteryl during spell creation. If you push "make spell" in creative it summons a skeleton. Summon spells last a long time. The Hell Cow native the Moo Moo Farm dimension is probably the the strongest obtainable summon. That makes fantastic tank, distracting bosses for fairly a while also without buffs. Vanilla nether mobs (blazes, wither skeletons) don"t seem come work.>Chain | Lightning DamageCheaper and more instant than a projectile however with less range, zaps the target and also their two nearest neighbors. Likewise looks cool.>Projectile | Velocity added | remote | Entangle | Disarm | Mana DrainCompletely disables the target because that a few seconds by rendering them unable to see, shoot, or move. Also refunds part of the mana expense from your mana pool. Live test subject commented that he to be glad i was on his side.>Projectile | Lightning damage | EntangleDon"t tase me, bro. Keeps the target from running off while girlfriend inflict armor-piercing damage.>Chain | Lightning damage | Rune Procs | Rune Procs | Rune ProcsTargets ripe entities rather of three. This is one inefficient usage of mana contrasted to casting a version without the rune procs 3 times.Silver-Level Unlocks!Some of the most an effective spell contents cannot it is in purchased with ability points. You find them by developing a assignment with associated components and also attempting to actors it. Girlfriend don"t actually have to possess enough mana to succeed at spreading this combination or meet any kind of prereqs (not certain this is intended) so you deserve to borrow a collection of assignment unlocks from someone else on your server.I discovered a couple of of this combinations by accident, many of castle from miscellaneous sources top top the internet, and also all the remainder of castle by looking at SpellUnlockManager.class.The targeting form isn"t actually important, yet don"t try to leave a targeting form out the the recipe. I"m simply picking what makes the most sense here.Order of components doesn"t actually matter!Mana Shield Unlock:> (Self) | Shield | Reflect | Life TapMana attach Unlock:> (Projectile) | Mana drainpipe | EntangleFirestorm Unlock:> (Projectile) | Fire damage | Ignition | Storm | SolarBlizzard Unlock:> (Projectile) | Storm | Frost damage | freeze | DamageStarstrike Unlock:> (Projectile) | Magic damages | heaviness | Astral DistortionMoonrise Unlock:> (Self) | Night Vision | Ender intervention | LunarDaylight Unlock:> (Projectile) | True vision | magnificent Intervention | LightSpellmaking With advanced Components> Projectile | Firestorm | StormThis only expenses 8 mana more than a pure firestorm spell, and 8 mana is worth it for the Adele reference and also dramatic look.Firestorm is a very powerful component the bypasses the normal constraints on just how fast damages can it is in dealt. Basically, that does a fuckton of damages over a couple of seconds in a 3x3 area and also kills any type of non-boss mob before they have the right to cross it in ~ the price of likewise vaporizing many of the drops. Does not light flammable block on fire ever. Radius runes come not increase the radius, although duration renders it last lot longer. Part variation (probably without the rain) will certainly be your main offensive spell when you acquire it.> Projectile | StarstrikeThis would not be a negative spell if Firestorm were not such an great spell. Through no various other modifiers and also at crescent moon toughness it does around 6 damages (3 hearts) in a 9x9 square yet only if your target has a clear route to the sky. Over there is likewise a little of a delay between once it hits and also when the star falls.> self | StarstrikeThe saving grace the Starstrike is that you have the right to have much more than one star falling at once. Actors this every fifty percent second while wade backwards and also you will certainly annihilate hordes of zombie that space trying to chase you in a somewhat efficient manner.> Projectile | BlizzardEnemies freeze in place and take about 20 damages (10 hearts) for the duration of the order in a 3x3. Periodically destroys drops.> Contingency: damage | self | Firestorm | BlizzardYou asked for it, so right here it is. This is a spell to discourage harm.Coming soon: ceo strategies and summoning!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Things that are in miscellaneous stages of broken:Slowfall. This is afflicted by the fall damage accumulation bug that I"ve checked out in a couple other mode that shot to have actually this feature. If it runs the end while you"ve been in the wait a while and you"re a tick away from poignant the floor safely, you take damage as if you"d been falling complete speed the whole time you were in the air.Projectile mark plus light, then me recall. I"ve had some problem reproducing it however I"ve had two testing people where teleporting myself inside a round of light brought about a CTD and an unloadable world.Random teleport. If cast at complete moon it move you a an extremely short street for a an extremely high mana cost.Ender Intervention. Functions on NPCs, but when attempting come send my little brother come the Nether the server crashed and also when it restarted he was on the roof that the nether. Test subject retrieved eventually.

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Haven"t retested this an insect in a while...Harvest. Reasons wildly excessive drops once it strikes a Thaumcraft flower, and also possibly other plants.