Surgery to improve the figure of large, long, or droopy nipples and also overly big or blown areolas deserve to enhance the size and also shape of her breasts. Dr. Paul G. Ruff IV, M.D., FACS , and also our team of board-certified plastic surgeons specialization in cosmetics breast enhancement procedures. One together procedure is nipple and areola reduction. Ours surgeons are committed to offering the best option because that nipple and also areola palliation in Washington, D.C., working v you to acquire excellent results that achieve your cosmetic goals.

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If she insecure around the size of your nipples, the dark area bordering them, or both, request a consultation online at their Washington, D.C. Office to comment on whether nipple or areola reduction surgical treatment is appropriate for you. Or call our office in ~ (202) 785-4187 to speak through a member the the West end Plastic surgical procedure staff come schedule a consultation.

If you room in general good health and also have a clear knowledge of the restrictions and possible results of your nipple or areola reduction, friend are suitable candidate because that the procedure.

We’re together thrilled with our patients’ results as lock are. Examine out our before-and-after picture gallery and see for you yourself the sort of work our talented operated doctor do.

Your nipple or areola revision procedure is performed in our state the the arts surgical suite or at one of the area hospitals whereby Dr. Ruff, Dr. Patrick, and also Dr. Hannan operate. The surgical procedure is carry out under local anesthesia and generally takes about an hour to complete. Friend go home shortly after her surgery.

For nipple reduction, the physician makes a little incision on the nipple itself. Because that areola reduction, the surgeon renders an incision approximately the perimeter the the areola. In both cases, the incisions heal very quickly.

Once the incision is complete, the doctor removes excess organization from the area of the incision. Stitches space then supplied to close the incision, and also gauze dressings are put over the breasts. A special surgical bra is placed over her breasts ~ the surgery to ensure the your breasts are organized in the ideal position because that healing.

Results of her nipple or areola reduction are permanent; however, keep in mind that your breasts might droop or sag in time as a natural an outcome of the aging process.

At your consultation with your surgeon, they carry out a clear expertise of the procedure, as well as an exact picture of how your breasts will certainly look after the surgery.

Your surgeon and also the team at West end Plastic surgery will:

Outline in information what you deserve to expect before, during, and after the procedureClearly talk about the potential threats of the procedureProvide detailed cost and also payment informationAnswer all your questions

You will be asked come provide:

Details about your clinical historyA perform of all medications you at this time take, consisting of over-the-counter medicines such together aspirin, vitamins, and also herbal supplementsInformation about your tobacco and also alcohol use

In most cases, you will be prepared to go house shortly after your nipple or areola reduction procedure. You might be drowsy ~ the anesthesia, and also the area about the incisions will certainly be sore, so it is important to have someone drive you home after her surgery.


During the an initial 24 come 48 hours after your procedure, you may feel tired from the anesthesia and also sore native the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to reduce most that the discomfort. Your discomfort level will boost rapidly after the an initial 2 days.

You will an alert a significant improvement in her discomfort level during the first couple of weeks after her surgery. Other things to be aware of:

Any bruising you experience will generally disappear in about 2 weeks.You might experience part numbness in the area the the surgery. This numbness is resulted in by the ede of her breasts after surgery and also usually disappears within 6 weeks.You may experience some tingling in the nipple-areola complicated after surgery. This is a normal an outcome of the healing process and will go far within 6 main of the surgery.Your stitches will be removed within 5 to 7 job after surgery.

You must sleep top top your earlier for the very first week after surgical procedure to assist with the healing process. You need to wear the special surgical bra put over her breasts after surgical treatment at all times for the first couple of days. A softer sporting activities bra have to be worn at all times because that the very first 2 weeks after surgery. The bra have to be worn even while sleeping to assist hold your breasts in the correct position. You might take the bra turn off to shower head or bathe yet must put it back on instantly after dry off. If the bra feels also tight, call the employee at West finish Plastic Surgery automatically — bras that are too chop can cause skin problems.

You room the finest judge of once you are ready for specific activities, yet the complying with are general guidelines:

You deserve to most most likely return to job-related or college within a job of her surgery.You deserve to resume driving within a work or 2 of your surgery.You must avoid sex for at the very least the very first week after your surgery.Do no go without a bra because that at least 6 weeks after her surgery.Strenuous exercise deserve to begin around 2 come 3 main after her surgery, however remember that everyone heals at different rates so take it these tasks slowly until you feeling ready. Our patient are urged to arrangement an exercise program and discuss it v the staff prior to resuming exercise.The scars on your breasts should be protected from sunlight for at the very least a year after surgery.
The skin of your breasts may appear shiny due to swelling. In ~ a few weeks, the swelling will disappear and the skin will return to a normal appearance.You may experience some numbness in the area of her surgery, yet this usually goes away within 6 weeks of her surgery.Your breasts might heal at various rates. One breast may swell, one may feel much less comfortable, or the form of her breasts may look different. This is normal, however, once your body is totally recovered, your breasts will look very similar and natural.
Shower or Bath1 to 2 work After Surgery
Back come WorkDay after Surgery
Driving1 to 2 work After Surgery
Physical call With Breasts3 come 4 Weeks after ~ Surgery
Strenuous Activity3 Weeks after ~ Surgery
Fading the ScarsSeveral months to 1 Year

Like all surgical procedures, there space risks associated with nipple or areola palliation surgery. These threats can it is in greatly reduced by carefully following the instructions detailed to girlfriend by your surgeon and also the staff of West end Plastic Surgery.


If she in the Washington, D.C. Area and considering nipple or areola reduction surgery, call West end Plastic Surgery. Request a consultation online or contact our office at (202) 785-4187 come schedule a consultation.

Are there other steps that could be done in addition to nipple or areola palliation to enhance the size and also shape of mine breasts?

Depending top top the size and condition of your breasts, a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, could be carry out to improve the size and shape of your breasts. All of these options will be questioned with you as soon as you satisfy with Dr. Ruff or among our surgeons and their staff at West finish Plastic Surgery.

Will my insurance coverage pay because that my nipple or areola reduction surgery?

Nipple or areola reduction is a cosmetic procedure and, therefore, not covered by insurance. You space responsible because that the full payment for her procedure. Cost and also payment options will it is in discussed fully with friend at your initial consultation.

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Are there alternatives to nipple or areola palliation surgery?

There room no non-surgical options that reliably reduce nipple dimension or estimate or areola size.