Moving into Are friend the One? season 8 illustration 5 ~ above MTV tonight, is Jenna walking to find a new potential match? Also, is the going to it is in a nerdy one?

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At the moment, we know that things space pretty lot done as soon as it pertains to Jenna and also Kai. It’s better for she to move forward, and Danny is there to help her move forward! What us like about Danny is the he doesn’t look choose the usual contestant ~ above a truth dating show. In the sneak peek the bromheads.tv has for you below we deserve to see that this is a guy talking about hydrogen and also helium, which might be the an initial time either was mentioned on a truth show since King the the Nerds went turn off the air. The comes across as therefore likable here! He additionally recognizes the this is one of his just chances come appeal come Jenna and he wants to check out if there’s other there.

Based on simply this preview alone, Jenna does seem to have actually some interest. She likes the means that Danny speaks around science and also his understanding — she’s additionally a big fan of Cosmos and has much more interests 보다 what you would first assume because that a young human on a reality show. (Typically, the incorrect assumption is the they’re all about Instagram and also nothing else.)

Let’s not gain ahead of ourselves below — this is an 80-second sneak preview to an episode that is walking to have actually a many of various stuff going on. We don’t desire to offer up a guarantee the Danny’s walk to end up being with her when nothing is guaranteed. What we know is that Jenna didn’t feel prefer Kai was a perfect match and also he is someone that is an extremely different 보다 Kai. Us think the they would be fun together, yet we’ll check out what the remainder of the trip holds.

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On a various note, here’s your reminder that tonight’s episode is going to feature some rumors about a “fivesome” — nevertheless of if that’s true, that does still do for a compelling reason to watch.

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What do you desire to check out from Jenna and Danny top top tonight’s Are you the One? episode?

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"If you're a nerd, i'm a nerd" – Danny, probably ?

Find out if these two l̶o̶v̶e̶ b̶i̶r̶d̶s̶ love nerds are perhaps a Perfect enhance on a brand brand-new episode the #AYTO, this evening at 9/8c! ? pic.twitter.com/BMKpe9kAeH