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1. How to ask room you married in Spanish2. How to ask are you tired in Spanish3. Exactly how to say covering in Spanish

I newly started researching Brazilian Portuguese again. Today once I was researching Portuguese the instructor in the course discussed a common mistake the students have to be conscious of. Many civilization studying Spanish do a very comparable mistake in Spanish. For this reason I desire to share the mistake v you.

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In the Portuguese course, the instructor claimed “Do no confuse the indigenous ‘cansado’ and also ‘casada’.”

These 2 words have the same meaning and the same spelling in both Spanish and Portuguese — however with slightly various pronunciations.

cansado – tiredcasado – married

How come Say are You Married In Spanish

In Colombia, on an ext than one occasion I have heard one English speaker make a mistake as soon as speaking Spanish and also use “cansado/a” when he really expected to use “casado/a” and also vice versa.

You have the right to imagine the man that have the right to follow if the English speaker intends come ask who if the or she is married, but mistakenly asks the human if that or she is tired. Because that example, the person responds “no estoy cansado/a” (I am no tired), and also the English speak assumes the human being is single. Therefore the correct inquiries are:

¿Está casado/a? (Are friend married?)¿Está cansado/a? (Are you tired?)

Depending top top the country, you deserve to say one of two people of the following in order come ask “are girlfriend married.”:

¿Está casado/a?¿(Usted) es casado/a?

By the means if you room wondering why i am interested in researching Portuguese again that is since I am thinking around going to Rio de Janeiro come live because that 6 months. Ex-pats have told me that travellers cannot remain in Brazil through a Visa for an ext than 6 months. The only method to stay much longer — from what ns heard — is to marry a Brazilian or have a son by a Brazilian. My Colombian “novia” (girlfriend) would certainly kill me for taking either path.

One reason why ns am thinking about going come Brazil is since I desire to boost my Portuguese. Ns am also really passionate about practicing a martial arts called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of it. Besides, I have actually been living in Medellin for practically 6 year – andMedellin is in the interior component of Colombia — countless hours from the ocean. And I really miss the ocean.

How come Say covering In Spanish

Here is another common wrong that countless English speakers make as soon as speaking Spanish. Spanish has two words because that shell:

1. Cáscara 2. Concha

“Cáscara” describes the shell of one egg or nut.


Los huevos se pueden hervir con cáscara.Eggs have the right to boil with the shell.

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“Concha” refers to the shell of an oyster, clam, scallop, mussel, snail, etc. “Concha” can likewise refer to the shell of a turtle.

Fuiste a la playa y no me trajiste ni una concha. (You visited the beach and you didn’t even bring me a shell.)