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"Anything You have the right to Do" is a tune composed by Irving Berlin for the 1946 Broadway music Annie acquire Your Gun. The tune is a duet, with one masculine singer and also one woman singer attempting to outdo each various other in increasingly complex tasks. In the musical, the tune sets the scene for the climactic sharpshooting contest between Annie Oakley and also Frank Butler. Its many memorable present are, "Anything you have the right to do I can do better; I deserve to do anything much better than you." The track was very first performed in Annie get Your total by Ethel Merman and also Ray Middleton. during the song, they argue playfully around who can, for example, song softer, song higher, sing sweeter, and also hold a note for longer, and boast of their abilities and accomplishments, together as opening safes and living ~ above bread and also cheese, back Annie always seems to counter Frank"s argument. Neither deserve to "bake a pie," though.more »

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Anything you have the right to do, I deserve to do far better than You deserve to do, I can do, we have the right to do, I can do, lot much much better than You.Anything you can do, I deserve to do better.I deserve to do anything far better than you.No friend can"t.Yes i can.No you can"t.Yes ns can.No girlfriend can"t.Yes i can, yes i can. Anything You deserve to be I can be greater.Sooner or later, I"m better than you.No, you"re not.Yes i am.No you"re not.Yes i am.No you"re not.Yes i am, yes ns am. I can shoot a partridge v a solitary cartridge. I can gain a sparrow v a bow and arrow. We can do most anything. Deserve to you roasted a pie?No.Well Neither have the right to I. Something you deserve to sing I can sing louder.I have the right to sing something louder than you. No girlfriend can"t.Yes i can.No you can"t.Sure ns can.No friend can"t.Yes ns canI"m superior, no you"re inferior.I"m the big attraction, five no you are the small. I"m the significant one, five no you"re the boy one,I have the right to beat you at anything", and also that"s no all.Anything you can buy, I deserve to buy cheaper.I have the right to buy noþeles cheaper than you. Fifty cents. Forty cents. Thirty cents. Twenty cents. No you can"t.Yes ns can, yes i can. Something you can dig, I deserve to dig deeper.I have the right to dig something deeper than you. Thirty feet. Forty feet. Fifty feet. I have the right to drink my liquor much faster than a flicker. I deserve to do the quicker and also get also sicker.I can live top top bread and cheese. And only on that?Yep.So have the right to a rat.Any note you have the right to reach, I have the right to go higher.I have the right to sing anything higher than you. No you can"t.Yes i can.No friend can"t.Yes ns can. Everyone you have the right to lick, I deserve to lick faster.I can lick anyone faster than you. V your fist? v my feet. With your feet? with an axe. Something you deserve to do, I have the right to do better.I deserve to do anything far better than you.No friend can"t.Yes us can.No friend can"t.Yes we can.No girlfriend can"t.Yes we can, yes we can.

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Ethel Merman Ethel Merman (January 16, 1908 – February 15, 1984) was an American actress and also singer.

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Well-known primarily because that her an effective voice and roles in musical theatre, she has been called "the undisputed first Lady the the musical comedy stage." among the countless standards introduced by Merman in Broadway musicals space "I gained Rhythm", "Everything"s coming Up Roses", "Some People", "Rose"s Turn", "I get a Kick out of You", "It"s De-Lovely", "Friendship", "You"re the Top", "Anything Goes", and "There"s No organization Like show Business", i beg your pardon later ended up being her theme song. An ext »