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AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneAnyoneYou have the right to blame meTry to dead meAnd still I"ll treatment for youYou have the right to run aroundEven put me downStill I"ll it is in there for youThe worldMay think I"m foolishThey can"t see youLike ns canOh yet anyoneWho to know what love isWill understandAnyoneAnyoneAnyoneI just feel so i m really sorry (anyone)For the onesWho pity me(Anyone) "Cause they simply don"t know(Anyone) oh they don"t what delight love can beI knowI won"t ever before let you goIt"s moreThan ICould ever before standOh but anyoneWho to know what love isWill understandOh (anyone) they"ll understand(Anyone) If they shot love they"ll understand (anyone)(Anyone) Oh shot to know (anyone)(Anyone)
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