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“Words have actually a much longer life 보다 deeds.” — Pindar, old Greek Poet (522 BC - 443 BC)

I’d choose to think my critical words on planet will it is in profound and memorable. Native that will certainly last transparent time and will save the wisdom and experience of mine life come share in a poetically spoken paragraph to leaving for future generations as I depart this world.

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The truth is, in my very own experience that the deaths i’ve witnessed, there has actually not been any type of that have left me instructions because that living. It’s nearly as if the “soon to be departed” watch this existing nature of being as a just vapor not worth mentioning. I frequently wonder if it’s since in your last days or in ~ that moment of death, a glimpse that the measurement they’re entering assures lock of an eternity we might never imagine that will be anything yet an ending to your existence.

I remind the time one of my favourite uncles passed away after a long condition on a dark and also rainy day and the family members gathered together in his bedroom because that his critical moments. Suddenly the clouds immediately broke and sunshine burst appropriate through the window where that laid in bed in ~ the very moment of his death.

When my love father-in-law pass in his bedroom, his favourite music played to carry out a relaxed send off in his comatose state. Us then play the special track he danced to on his wedding day v my mother-in-law who had currently passed and after around a minute right into their song, he took a deep breath together if sighing over seeing something so beautiful and also died.

When mine precious mother passed, she explained seeing “Christ coming up end the hill” because that her. On the night of she death and unresponsive, our family stayed by her bedside every night long. When we had actually all fallen asleep, she passed and also on that an extremely morning a double-rainbow appeared directly end her residence as a “God-wink” to united state that she was now home.

That’s why I think our souls proceed to live on ~ our physics death and also when i hear of documented last native of those that have currently crossed over. It support my conviction with the only evidence available that we proceed to exist beyond the physical world, and also the light that extinguishes right here on planet is only since it is no much longer needed where they are going.

Many the us might not be offered the high-end of leaving critical words prior to departing this world, however those last words which have been recorded give united state a glimpse right into the eternity they were stepping right into that difficulties most skeptics.

Eugene Neil, Playwright Author: “I knew it, i knew it!

Sam Kinison, comedian and former evangelist, after gift mortally wounded in a car accident and also while dice in his brother’s eight said: “Why now? i don’t desire to die!” He then looked increase right before he passed and said: “Oh...okay.”

Steve Jobs: “Oh wow, five wow, five wow.”

Elizabeth Barret Browning, Author: (when asked exactly how she felt) “Beautiful”.

Mozart: “The taste of death is on mine lips, i feel something the is not of this earth.”

Anton Szandor LaVey; Founder the the Church the Satan: “I’ve do a destructive mistake.”

We will all satisfy the very same destiny and also as I gain older, the currently of my mortality i do not care clearer and also I am overwhelmed through a sense of urgency to be all set for my critical days by trying to comprise for all the mistake of mine youth.

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As us live day come day, we have many methods for “last words”. It might be a parting comment when leaving a gathering, the critical word in a disagreement, the mumbling under the breath, or just saying “pleasant dreams” after ~ a lengthy day. The suggest is us never know what our last words will certainly be. I only must make certain I will certainly leave comfort and inspiration to those who will be compelled to address the ns of my visibility in your lives.