Boo.Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XvDP0btPX0Social Links-https://twitter.com/AnthonyARusso https://www.instagram.com/anthonyarusso/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJt4ZOl3ZvHs4FGt_yttKwLyrics:Strap popHot as black color topIn that black color topEyes flutterAs your back locksGrip tight on your hipsLike a pad lockIs the pad lockedIDKIve had strings of bad luckClear the bed before we crush your laptopcome ~ above begcome on say my namelike they do at showsonly distinction is ill hear your voicehad to discuss your legsthey feeling so niceyou engulfed heres part smokekeep her mind at ease ns hope friend don't forget come breatheHook:Ghost storiesya ya yayI can't organize a ghost at nighti need to acquire my focus righti look around at every dead endsthe path has never looked for this reason desolatewe've to be streaking choose we going through the quadsending all these naughty photos of her bodlow key i aint also told the squadthey gone be favor who's this yellow tail the he simply gotbut ns don't really care around what lock sayits walking down prefer maydayknow the ache is coming yet the rush feeling amazingi can take a airplane straight kind LA the end to chi townturn this fairy tale into a life stylebut for best nowits ghost stories(hook repeats)the end.Download for complimentary on The Artist Union Download for free on The Artist Union" />

Genre Hip-hop & lab

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