If you thought seeing president Eisenhower in American horror Story was cool, you’re not all set for what’s come come. Last night, Double Feature unveiled no one, yet two, more presidents: Richard Nixon and also John F. Kennedy. And also before friend ask: yes, they every know about the aliens.

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It’s all part of the Death Valley‘s trippy timeline. The four-episode story that Season 10 is split between the 1950s, as soon as President Eisenhower made a transaction to let aliens experiment on americans in exchange for their technology, and also the present day, once that pact is paying turn off in a mental way. There to be a lot of historical references packed into a single hourlong episode. Wonder what girlfriend may have missed or where you’ve viewed these gibbs before? We have you covered. Here’s your guide to what friend may have actually missed in American fear Story: double Feature illustration 8.


'Double Feature's john F. Kennedy has a steamy IMDb page.

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If you’re up on her Netflix originals, chances are girlfriend spent most of “Inside” wondering exactly how you recognize American horror Story’s Jack Kennedy. That details face is familiar thanks come Sex/Life. Mike Vogel theatre both President john F. Kennedy and Sex/Life’s husband who’s as well nice because that his own good, Cooper Connelly. Before this year, Vogel starred in The Help, Under the Dome, and She’s out of my League. He also has part horror credentials come his name: Vogel additionally appeared in Cloverfield and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


This Richard Nixon has actually a 'One Tree Hill' connection.

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Now that we know our JFK, what around his successor? Craig Sheffer portrays the constantly sweating Richard Nixon before his presidency. And also if you’re a One Tree Hill fan, you already know his face. Sheffer starred together Keith Scott in the teenager drama. He’s likewise starred in Palmer, A river Runs v It, and Some kind of Wonderful.


Yes, that was Alisha Soper play Marilyn Monroe.

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There’s one more significant historical number who requirements to it is in identified: Marilyn Monroe. In an feel scene, Vogel’s JFK confides in Monroe around the presence of aliens, a revelation the barely garners a reaction native his lover. This legend beauty is portrayed by Alisha Soper. This is actually the second time Soper has played Marilyn Monroe in a Ryan Murphy project due to the fact that she depicted the star in FEUD: Bette and also Joan. Walk that median these universes space officially connected?

That’s not the only wild connection American horror Story makes. In the episode, Monroe reveals the she was when visited through aliens. There’s nothing that supports this claims, but a common conspiracy concept is that Monroe to be assassinated end her knowledge of aliens. It’s likely that AHS is nodding come that.


Mamie Eisenhower's love that birthdays and also pink is a actual thing.

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While Dwight Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) fretted over the fate the the American people, Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) invested a good chunk that the illustration chatting around birthday cakes and also decorating schemes. These conversations echo what make Mamie Eisenhower renowned in her very own right. She to be a dedicated homemaker that would order an intricate decorated cakes for virtually every occasion, even the birthdays of staff members. She also loved the shade pink. The Nettie Rosenstein gown she wore come the 1953 inaugural ball remains among the most famous of its repertoire in the Smithsonian. In fact, Eisenhower’s love of a particular shade that pink caused it being called the “First Lady” and inspired a trend of pink clothing and households.


That absent Hudson referral was a nod to an additional Ryan Murphy show.

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While Mamie Eisenhower is planning her birthday, she mentions the she wishes Rock Hudson will assist her blow out the candles. Hudson was among the most famed movie stars of golden e of Hollywood. He’s also been illustrated by Ryan Murphy before. In Netflix’s Hollywood, Hudson (played through Jake Picking) emerges as an aspiring gibbs who at some point chooses to publicly it is in himself despite knowing that his sexuality may cost him few of his fame. In actual life, Hudson to be discreet about his sexuality, though plenty of in the industry believed him to it is in gay. Absent Hudson became one that the first major celebrities to dice of one AIDs-related condition in 1985.