For thefirst time ever, Alvin & The Chipmunks will hit the roadway on a nationwide tour. The world’s most famous chipmunk trio will certainly visit 50 us cities for a full of 80 shows, consisting of Target facility in Minneapolis on Sunday, November 22. Produced by twenty Century FOX and Iconic to chat Studios,Alvin & The squirrel Live On stage! isan interactive experience - featuring world-class production, music, distinct effects, and also immersive interactivity to encourage audience participation. Suppose a pop concert and also theater event display in one.

The Chipmunks’ arch-nemesis, Ian Hawke, a knevish ex-music executive, is earlier in business. He imagine a cheat to have actually Alvin and also the Chipmunks execute a benefit concert in order to save the original farm website of the legend Woodstock musical festival. Tiny do castle know, the only one who will benefits is Ian. To prep for the big event, Ian is sending out the Chipmunks and the cartilage on a cross-country warm up tour. Castle play reflects in Nashville, Chicago and also Las Vegas, yet with mischievous Alvin causing his normal chaos, things never go rather as planned. The big concert arrives, yet not prior to stranding the tour bus in a large snowstorm, blowing the end all the lamp in las Vegas, and also causing a giant food fight at the pre-show party that spills right into the audience!The event is a vast success raising several money because that the reason – and all the if the Chipmunks control to exit Ian and also his scam and also they actually carry out save woodstock! A gigantic pillow fight covers the audience and celebrates the chipmunks making it residence after their long journey.

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The concert-filled present will attribute the Chipmunks and the cartilage performing classics, initial songs, and pop access time - including music by One Direction, Maroon 5, Carly Rae Jepsen, Elvis Presley and also more. One audience member will certainly be invited to join the band and also play drums because that a song. The show’s world-class team has TONY winning Lion King costume designer Michael Curry, and also the manufacturing team the won Billboard Touring creative Content award for its show Yo Gabba Gabba. ALVIN and also THE CHIPMUNKS: LIVE ON stage! is a dynamic, engaging, fun-filled present that’s certain to joy fans of all ages and also delivers an authentic ALVIN and THE chipmunks live theatre endure with storage to last a lifetime.

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Sun, Nov 22, 2015


1 hour prior to the event


$22, $26 & $50

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Ticket prices encompass a $3.00 facility Fee.

Tickets are available at Target Center's crate office, online at,, or by phone call 888.9.AXS.TIX.

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Lap policy: children who have actually reached their very first birthday, call for a ticket to to visit this show.