Alone Season 5 episode 6 Review: of Mice and also Men

Again, Britt is sunshiney through his attitude and his feeling of humor. As lengthy as the fish save biting, and also he eats, he"s going the distance.

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Britt"s funny remarks and also the means he renders himself laugh will certainly do an ext for his mental wellness than anything. He"s having luck through fishing too, and it shows up his secret is his bait. Britt"s been making use of grasshoppers due to the fact that the start for bait, and they"ve worked well because that him.

all right, so welcome come the environment-friendly glow psych ward.


Every time he"s unable to do out, he"s caught about five fish back to back. He"s done recording them pretty quickly and takes them earlier to his sanctuary to eat. I discussed in Alone Season 5 illustration 5, Britt might start to do fish jerky. 

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Well, close. He started cigarette smoking his fish, which will make castle last 7 days rather of one. That"s a smart usage of his resource. It would certainly be pretty if the acting fish it is long a little bit longer, however a week is much better than a day. Britt didn"t seem came to that cigarette smoking the fish would lure bears, so that"s good.

Although, there was some hefty moose activity right close to his camp. That might be dangerous. 


Britt"s no the only one cigarette smoking his fish. Randy to be doing the precise same point with his fish skins, so it seems to be a universal method to do fish critical longer.

Those two seem come be having the best luck v the fishing, back Britt admits he needs more fat, for this reason he"s after ~ the bigger video game now.

It doesn"t seem like traps space Britt"s strong suit, but he"s great at producing devices top top the fly, so I have no doubt he"ll save working until he numbers out an reliable trap. Britt hasn"t pointed out hunting, so the looks favor he"ll stick to the traps.

What if every my footage was this close?


The large hunter this season is Dave. Man, he"s a tenderfoot, cruising through the woods through his bow and also arrows on the prowl because that a kill.

Watching that was prefer watching Katniss at the beginning of The Hunger gamings when she relocated swiftly and silently with the woods.

It"s aboriginal.

It"s choose Dave is component of nature. His difficulty is still that he feels negative for killing, and I believed he can tap this week because of it.


When that shot the cormorant and also hit it, but then lost it, I believed that to be it. Dave"s been struggling through the killing aspect of survival, yes, but the thing that bothers him many is the pain. If he"s walk to death something, it demands to it is in clean, so when the cormorant took off, he was upset.

The bird was out there what hurting because Dave didn"t make a clean kill.

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But Dave is tho in the running. He didn"t tap, i m sorry is an excellent because he"s an outstanding outdoorsman.

In my opinion, Larry is the one who"s going to tap next.

i hurt something else out here. I don"t choose that.



Because of his temper. He"s not emotionally stable. The mice are driving the crazy, and also it has actually me cracked up. I"m imaging the mice from Cinderella gathering together at night and also hatching a arrangement just to journey Larry the end of his mind.

They"re laughing in ~ him, this mice, as Larry throws whatever out of his shelter trying to discover them.

Better yet, Larry is Tom and they"re Jerry.


If Larry can"t acquire ahold that himself when it pertains to something a small as mouse running through his shelter, he"s no going to make it much longer. It"s comical to watch, though.

Notice just how Dave tackled the mice?

Dave satellite calmly in his sanctuary with a deadfall trap beside him. The computer mouse came in, and Dave just told the computer mouse to leave or die.

The mouse made decision to stay, and the trap killed it.

No fanfare. No ripping apart his bed. No temper tantrums.

This is enough hungry. This is sufficient cold. This is sufficient loneliness. This is sufficient of the eco-friendly monster.


The big thing this guys battle out in the wilderness by us is not the mouse or the wildlife or also the hunger. It"s themselves.

They"re battling their very own brains and their own thoughts. That"s what finally did Brooke in.

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She was lonely. She was stuck in her tarp sanctuary out of the rain because that an extended period of time. All she did was think, and she speak herself into going home.

Brooke didn"t desire to starve. She"d done that, and she just wasn"t walk to execute it again.

What she walk in her 27 job was enough for her, and also she was done v the lonely life.


Honestly, it"s a crapshoot in between the contestants in this illustration on that will walk the distance. It"s anyone"s game.

What perform you think, Alone fans? were you surprised when Brooke tapped out? Who perform you think have the right to go the distance? do you think Larry is setting himself up for failure?

Let me know your opinions in the comments!

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