Station 19 Season 4 illustration 9 Review: nobody Is Alone

The duo was fairly the tour de pressure as besties who were at odds for many of the hour.

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From Travis"s allude of view, Vic being through Theo to be a betrayal of the highest caliber, miscellaneous the firefighter wasn"t sure he could ever forgive.

Travis"s anger spend him so much that it took a literal meaning screaming enhance in public for Vic to convince him the she and also Theo to be no longer together -- no that they really ever before were in the an initial place.


And at first, Travis"s refuse to pardon Vic seemed childish. 

She had no idea who Theo was when she met him, and also upon discovering who he was, she immediately broke things off.

Travis: I’m not over him. I’m not over Michael, not even a little, and also I dislike it. I hate that 4 years on and also every morning feels simply as painful and also awful and also confusing as the day he died. And I dislike that I have actually to find a place to hide the chaos every solitary day to also just be a person, and I hate knowing that no matter how well i hide it, the an extremely next morning it’s going to be there wait for me complete force. And I don’t gain how you do that. Ns don’t gain how friend just…Vic: What?Travis: did you also care about Ripley?Vic: OK.Travis: go you? because if girlfriend did, if girlfriend did honestly, if girlfriend did care around him…Vic: Travis ns cared around him… i care about him so lot that i am scared ns am never ever going to care around anyone prefer that again, and just hope that sooner or later there’s going come be another him is the just thing that’s preserved from me being totally consumed through the ns of him.Travis: so what Theo is an additional him?Vic: ns don’t know. Maybe, ns hoped, yet as quickly as I discovered out who he was, it to be done because you were more important. I thought around your feelings immediately. I thought around your feelings exclusive, and also the most painful component about every one of this is you haven’t thought about mine in ~ all. Do you establish that?

Vic was no in the not correct here, so why was Travis for this reason mad?

Well, we got our answer, together making Travis"s grief all the more facility and confound was that Theo wasn"t simply some inexperienced captain who acquired Michael killed; Theo was also Travis and Michael"s ideal friend. 


And as displayed through flashbacks, Theo to be a huge part of the marrieds" lives until Michael passed away in 2016.

Theo was there for all the far-reaching milestones -- very first dates, proposals, celebrations -- and probably would have been Michael"s best man in a retconned episode.

In short, as Travis called Vic, Theo to be Michael"s Vic.

That kind of link is forged with years of friendships, through ups and downs, highs and lows, trials and tribulations, so discovering that Theo was responsible because that Michael"s death was the last blow because that Travis.


He shed his husband and his husband"s best friend and also didn"t also really have his parental to skinny on in one dropped swoop.

He was all alone in the world as that struggled to address Michael"s passing and never truly acquired over it.

Travis: What room you doing? What are you doing? oh my god.Michael: Travis Lee Montgomery…Travis: Wait, wait, wait. Michael: will certainly you…Theo: five twist.Travis: Wait, Michael Cooper Williams…Michael: will you…Travis: on three.Travis and also Michael: One, two, three, will you get married me? Yes.

Long-time pan of the present know Michael"s fatality has always haunted Travis, however this installment further illuminated just how that trauma has actually stayed v him because that years.

Travis may date around, however he"s been serious about anybody because he still hasn"t moved on from Michael.

He can"t let self go over there emotionally, either since he"s not ready or doing so would average moving on from his deceased husband.


That"s why he"s organized onto his anger in ~ Theo for so long since it permits him to keep part of Michael alive and with him, rather of trying to forgive the male he once thought about a an excellent friend.

Because if Travis ever did that, it would average that Michael is important gone and is never ever coming back.

Travis isn"t delusional; he knows the Michael is dead. Still, Vic was right in saying the if Travis ever lets his fury go, that would typical letting Michael walk for good.

And Travis can"t bring himself to perform that, and also until that can, he"ll never have the ability to open his heart to anybody together he did with Michael.

On the upper and lower reversal side, though, Vic has tried come do simply that since losing Ripley. 

She and Travis different in the way, as Vic has constantly been one come look forward fairly than back.

Travis: Theo was Michael’s you. He and Michael, they went with academy together. They were probies together, roommates. Theo was a tradition kid, so he increased up the ladder quicker than Michael or I, but we were ideal friends, the 3 of us. And also then suddenly, Michael died, and it was Theo’s fault.Vic: Must have actually sucked to go v that without your finest friend.Travis: You understand I dislike this weird component after a friendship fight, after it’s done whereby you both kinda feel icky and also awkward and also not back to normal with each other.Vic: yes in a connection you just have actually sex.Travis: Vic, for the millionth time, I’m no going to have sex v you.Vic: Why not?

She rebounded easily after Ripley"s fatality with Grey"s Anatomy"s Jackson, and even ~ that connection ended, she"s still been willing to put herself out there.

She"s acquired some flak because that her method to grief -- even prior to Travis dubbed her the end this illustration -- yet she"s always been quite vocal that exactly how she mourns and also who she choose to day is nobody else"s business.

Vic go what functions for her, and what the is is do the efforts to discover someone she deserve to one job love as lot as she love Ripley.

She"s no trying to replace Ripley, though.

It"s that hope of finding who else, of loving again, that keeps she going, the just thing that keeps her from being overwhelmed through Ripley"s death.

So, Vic looks toward the future, if Travis is stuck in the past.

They are different approaches to grief, but just because Vic"s method is different than Travis"s doesn"t do hers any kind of less valid.

That was what she to be trying to perform with Theo: uncover someone she can share she life with, but upon discovering who Theo was, she broke things off.

It was a messy instance all around, and also fortunately, through the end, the ideal friends to be able to occupational through their issues, aided along by the very on the nose medical emergencies that the week.

The repetitive overdoses through the childhood friends and eventual death of one of them was a little too obvious for me, yet it did assist Travis get through his special skull whatever Vic had actually been trying come tell him.

Travis: call me. Phone call me what happened. They i will not ~ tell me what happened. What? Theo, phone call me. Please, phone call me what happened.Theo: I assumed the wind to be upslope indigenous the east, so i told the it was safe to sanctuary in place. Ns sorry.Travis: What?Theo: Travis, you recognize I love him. You understand Michael to be my brother.Travis: Wait.Theo: It to be a mistake. Ns miscalculated, and also I never… Travis, girlfriend know how dangerous the task is. It might have been anybody. Oh, Travis, come on. We obtained to go with this together. Come on, I require you.Travis: Please obtain out the the house.Theo: Travis, please.Travis: you gotta acquire out. Please acquire out of mine house.

Sometimes you must see something indigenous a various lens or v the eye of who else before you recognize it, so if we had to endure the repeated nature that the overdoses, then it was rather worth it.

It was preferable 보다 Travis gift so stubborn that he finished a four-year friendship with Vic end a miscommunication.

But together they say, all"s well that ends well. At least it is for Travis and Vic, yet it"s unclear what happens to Theo indigenous here.

His personality arc concerned a natural end by the time the credits began rolling, however it wouldn"t be the strangest point the collection has ever before done if that comes ago at part point.

For now, the series has wrought all the emotion and also drama it deserve to from Theo"s introduction, for this reason let us say goodbye come the character, who wasn"t the poor guy that Travis believes him come be.

Theo helping Jack lull Marcus was just one that the multiple examples that show Theo isn"t just the villain in Travis"s story.

Yes, Theo make a mistake, a fatal failure that finished Michael"s life, yet he"s also much more than that, just like we every are.

So, farewell, Theo. Might happier time lie ahead, though they an extremely rarely carry out on this series.

Some stray thoughts:

This episode was really Travis and also Vic-centric, but Jack did have a short subplot end Marcus gift afraid whenever his father number goes come work. Marcus"s fears space valid, together Jack"s job can be dangerous, but Jack, through Theo"s help, going the end of his means to quell them was sweet. 

Vic insisted the Travis was still into Emmett. I"m not sure if that"s true, however I carry out like them as a feasible couple, even much more so 보다 before since now they have a solid structure built ~ above friendship. Plus, Emmett isn"t afraid to contact Travis out as soon as he"s wrong. Over there is a lot to prefer there.

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Travis leave a voicemail because that Michael was heartbreaking, all the more so because we got to view so countless of their swoon-worthy pair moments through the years. That double proposal practically had me in tears just because we know how things ended.