“He was most likely the only number one son in Kahana placing up such a fight, yet you couldn"t tell since every household was a walled city, and also you never knew uneven you to be inside. And also if you were on the inside, you never ever talked stink about the family, yet kept increase the family"s face.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking because that Is My human body

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“He"d explode and in a flash you"d view something anew, and you were never ever the same again.” ― Milton Murayama, All i Asking for Is My body
“I look favor the aggressor," he"d say to me, "but ns not. Ns fighting because that my life. The old man no need be a bully, the system the bully. He have the right to afford come act the pretty guy and pretend i doing him wrong. He can afford to be easygoing as soon as he sit on me and sucking me dry. The other number one young crab prefer hell too, but they doan have actually the nerve to crab to your old men. Castle crab come me, they crab to each other, they crab to their younger brothers.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking for Is My human body
“Grandfather could"ve declared bankruptcy and not pay ago his debts.""That"s the trouble through the Oyamas. They want to act big and generous and also honest v the outsiders. They desire to placed up a big face in ~ the price of your children.” ― Milton Murayama, All i Asking for Is My human body
“Once you gained hard on yourself, that was simple to be tough on others.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking because that Is My human body
“It just didn"t make sense, I maintained thinking. Below they worried you come death, made you a concerned wreck, don"t do this, don"t carry out that, don"t carry out anything that"d bring shame to the Japanese race, don"t be a rotten apple and also spoil the entirety barrel. What chance have I got, me, a solitary apple acquiring slammed by a barrelful the rottenness? even if i tried deliberately, every day of mine life, ns wouldn"t be able to produce one-thousandth that the huge shame the Pearl Harbor.” ― Milton Murayama, All i Asking because that Is My human body
“As long as Tosh was home, I preserved wishing he"d avoid crabbing for this reason much. Yet now i missed his crabbing. I couldn"t crab the way he could, and things kept building up in me. All this reserve and also discipline and patience and self-sacrifice just wore you down and made friend feel real low.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking because that Is My body
“Father wasn"t together haughty together Tosh said. It was the Japanese way, face was the much much more important, favor the starving samurai that walks roughly with a toothpick in his mouth, pretending he"d simply eaten. You covered up more, and also it to be rough when you to be the one being extended up or you were holding up somebody else"s face. But everybody go it... Challenge was pretending to it is in perfect or there was nothing wrong, and either means the losing of confront meant exposure and shame. You finished up pretending and hiding too much, you finished up through all type of skeletons i m sorry shouldn"t have been skeletons in any kind of closet. You finished up extending for those above you, even defending their wrongs as right.” ― Milton Murayama, All i Asking for Is My human body
“All this discipline was prefer pinching a balloon, ns bulged what else, specifically inside mine head.” ― Milton Murayama, All i Asking for Is My human body
“You were in your heat secure cavern with sufficient food and your very own woman while a storm and also wild beasts raged outside. The shadows and shapes which seemed so solid in ~ night evaporated in the daylight. You couldn"t blot the end the rest of the people during the day, it was everywhere, oppressive, top-heavy, leaning ~ above you.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking because that Is My body

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“I preserved wishing Snooky had come back to teach in ~ Kahana. I"d go talk to him. He was the only guy who assisted you come see points as they were the end there. The rather ignored your concerns or what they saw out there, or make the efforts to make you see just the things they want you come see. He speak of freedom, if everybody else talked of duty and obligation. It was prefer we were born in a cage and Snooky was coaxing us to fly off, not run away, yet be on our own and also taste the freedom and danger of the open up space...Freedom was liberty from various other people"s shit, and shit was shit no matter how lovingly it was dished, just how high or short it come from. Shit was the adhesive which held a team together, and also I to be going to have no component of any kind of shit or any group.” ― Milton Murayama, All ns Asking because that Is My body