Enjoy a classic 19th Century Halloween celebration with All Hallows’ night at Ohio Village. These family-friendly haunted events take ar on Saturdays, October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2021 indigenous 5:30–9:30 p.m.

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photo: Ohio Village

Tickets for every Hallows’ Eve

Admission: $16/adults, $12/youth (ages 6-12), $11/Ohio Historical society adult members, $7/OHS youth members. Tickets walk on sale to the general public top top Tuesday, September 7.Call 614.297.2300 or 800.686.6124 for details and tickets. Purchase tickets here.

Refreshments are easily accessible for purchase.

If this is your an initial time visiting all Hallows Eve, right here are some things to remember. The event is rain or shine, but there space lots of structures to duck into and also explore, so don’t allow a small rain cancel her visit. It gets dark early and also the town is dimly lit (in accordance to the time period), so us recommend friend arrive prior to dark to acquire your bearings and check out the layout before you arrive. Paths are gravel, grass, and wooden, so wear ideal footwear.

Ohio village 1982 Velma path Columbus, five 43211 (614) 297-2300

Enter Ohio village through the man Hauck structure Welcome Center.

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As that September 1, they call for everyone to wear masks in ~ our at home locations, in the Ohio history Center & Ohio Village.