The lyrics come from a journal entry Morissette wrote throughout what she explains as "a very devastated time." She said Spotify: "When i hear that song, i hear the anger together a protection approximately the searing vulnerability. Ns was mortified and also devastated. It to be a lot less complicated for me to be angry and feel the power from the anger matches the broken, horrified woman on the floor."
Radio stations play this with different levels of editing. The offending lines are "Would she go down on girlfriend in a theater" and "Are you thinking of me as soon as you f--k her." part stations play a version that completely eliminated "down" and also "f--k," while rather left in "down" and only cut a little of "f--k."It took a degree of courage for Alanis to sing these lines, and it was her producer valley Ballard who readily available the vital encouragement. Said Alanis: "I thought, This is specifically how i feel, however I don"t want to hurt anybody. Glen simply said, You need to do this."
Morissette didn"t have actually a record deal as soon as she recorded this song, and also had a difficult time finding any type of takers once she shopped it along with "Hand In mine Pocket" and "Perfect" together a demo for the Jagged small Pill
album. The only major label to present interest to be Madonna"s Maverick Records, whose 22-year-old A&R male Guy Oseary got an extremely excited as soon as he heard it. That signed her to Maverick in a transaction that resolved rather well because that the label when the album came to be one the the best-sellers of the "90s.

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Dave Navarro (guitar) and Flea (bass) from The Red warm Chili Peppers play on this. Flea described to bass Player magazine: "It was really instinctive - I proved up, rocked out, and also split. When I first heard the track, it had actually a different bassist and also guitarist on it; i listened come the base line and thought, That"s some weak s--t! It to be no flash and no smash! but the vocal to be strong, for this reason I simply tried to play other good."On organ is Benmont Tench the Tom petty & the Heartbreakers, that came in because that one session as soon as Morissette and also Ballard were functioning on the album. He played on 6 tracks total. His payment: dinner.
This song pushed Morissette to global stardom, but fame turned out to be a jagged small pill. As soon as she came to be recognized just about everywhere she went, it ruined one that her favourite pursuits: people-watching. After around 18 month of touring an promotion, she to be exhausted. She took a expedition to India to get centered and also released her next album, an alleged Former Infatuation Junkie
, in 1998.
Morissette perform a sluggish version the this in ~ the 1996 Grammy Awards. The display was ~ above a 7-second delay so they might bleep out words "f--k." The uncensored variation of the Grammy performance was released as the B-side the "You Learn" in 1996.
Morissette never ever sang a sanitized version, one of two people in the studio or live. As soon as she performed that on TV, producers regularly asked she to adjust the lyrics, but she never ever did, figuring it was much better to sing her truth and have it muted than to censor herself.
This is often taken into consideration a revenge song, yet Morissette states that was never ever the motivation. "The context is important," she said Spotify. "I didn"t know that many civilization would be hearing the song. Ns didn"t think the totality planet would certainly be listening it. Ns was composing it so i didn"t get sick. Ns was creating it to acquire it out of mine body, the same means I would speak to a therapist or my finest friend. If i didn"t speak about it, I would have gained sick. The was really cathartic. I assumed that creating songs through these topic matters in lock would typical I wouldn"t need to talk to human being beings. But having sung "You Oughta Know" plenty of times end the years, the relationship itself to be still tinged with pain, and I quickly pertained to see that the process of composing these songs was an extremely cathartic, yet it wasn"t healing - i still had to communicate with humans to fix things."
This song obtained a the majority of exposure once Morissette performed it on the MTV video Music Awards and also on Saturday Night Live.
Recording this there is no a label deal offered Morissette a degree of freedom. "We were so completely untethered from the tendency - no record company, no supervision - so we were all really simply doing that to you re welcome ourselves," valley Ballard called "I had no idea wherein or once it would come out. I knew I had actually a brilliant artist in the studio v me and also that"s all i cared about. Us weren"t hear to ingredient to shot to make it sound like what was on the radio."
This tune is a storyline in the 2002 "The terror Attack" episode of the HBO collection Curb your Enthusiasm. ~ above the show, Larry David make the efforts to acquire Alanis to tell him who the track is about, swearing he"ll store the secret. She ends up whispering it in his ear, and also it doesn"t take long for Larry to pass it on.
Beyoncé covered the song throughout her 2009 ns Am... World Tour and also performed component of it in ~ the 2010 Grammy Awards.
Speaking through Parade in a 2012 interview, Morissette claimed she never tires of performing this song, together "it"s a an excellent vehicle come channel through any rage or pent-up power from the day."
In a 2015 entertain Weekly interview, Morissette pondered why so plenty of men want to stake their claim on a song that was far from complimentary."You know you don"t sound prefer the best guy in the world, right?" she said. "I didn"t write it to obtain back. Everybody dubbed it the perfect revenge song, yet that"s no what the was. It"s a ravaged song, and also in order come pull out of that despondency, being angry is lovely. Ns think the activity of anger have the right to pull united state out that things. Fifty-five human being can take credit transaction for that song, and I"m always curious about why they"re act it. Yet Dave is the many public about it."
This was supplied on numerous TV shows, including:The Office ("A Benihana Christmas" - 2006): sung through Kevin accompanied by Darryl top top the synthesizer. 30 rock ("Episode 210" - 2008)Degrassi: The next Generation ("Never Ever: component 1" - 2012)Bob"s big Burgers ("My big Fat Greek Bob" - 2013)The song additionally features in the 1999 comedy divine Smoke, starring Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel, and also the 2006 comedy-drama The Break-Up, starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.

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With this song, Morissette degenerated the squeaky-clean picture she grew in her aboriginal Canada with her first two dance-pop-oriented albums. "This record came indigenous a ar in me I had to release," she told MOJO in 1995. "A the majority of the anger originates from the fact that ns didn"t confront it, out of fear, the totality Pollyanna method I had when i was younger. Ns denied myself any type of reveling in my darker side. However as soon as I started writing, I pertained to terms with it."
The singer quickly came to be frustrated as soon as the provocative line "Would she go down on friend in a theater" ended up being the song"s biggest talking point. "That one heat being concentrated on so lot in the media was a misrepresentation of why it was written," she called Q magazine in 1996. "It states a lot around how society may no have progressed as much as i thought, that it quiet sees sexual recommendations as taboo. It was composed from a desperate, dark, virtually pathetically sad location within my subconscious, a conversation ns was having actually with my own psyche - it"s a line as potent as any other on the record."
In might 2018, the music Jagged small Pill, based upon songs from the album, debuted come favorable reviews at the American Repertory theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Written by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, the story complies with the struggles of a suburban household in Connecticut. "You Oughta Know" is performed in action II through Lauren Patten, that portrays Jo, a love interest of the family"s daughter.
Some equipped men endangered Alanis Morissette while she was functioning on Jagged small Pill
and the singer almost lost all the job-related she had actually done because that the record. Speak to Alex Jones and also Gethin Jones ~ above BBC"s The One Show, she said: "I to be being hosted up in ~ gunpoint and also they wanted all mine things and I knew that i was walk to provide them anything, an initial of all. 2nd of all, I had actually my backpack with all the Jagged tiny Pill record components in it. I gave them mine wallet and also my purse and they said go lie down. So ns lay down v my backpack and also thought they"ll take the on the means out but they didn"t. It to be so fortuitous and also I"m happy come still be here."